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There's a monster in my room Momma.


by Henry King

"QUIET, up there!"

My husband asked; "Honey, I can't concentrate on our taxes while those kids are making so much noise. They are supposed to be going to sleep. Please quieten them down, before I go up there and do something that I'll regret."

"Okay." I replied. The book I'm reading is boring,


"What are you doing out of your bed?"

"A Window Monster scared me Momma. He's scratching on my window." Responded my teary eyed three-year old Sarah, standing in her brother's bedroom.

"Let's go see. I'll hold your hand, so he won't grab you."

"I want to see the Window Monster." Said Billy, four-years old, bare feet slapping on the wooden floor. "I haven't seen one."

"Okay, tough little man. You go first. Open the door and yell, BOO! That'll scare any Boogie Man away."

"Door won't open, Momma."

"Mmm, move so I can open it. You're right Billy, it won't open."

Sarah probably pushed the lock button before she closed the door. "It looks like something is stuck in there. You two go back to Billy's room and shut the door. I'm going to get something to open the door. Don't let anyone in until Daddy or I say it's okay."


Huh, so busy he needs a cup of coffee. On Sunday, he'll pour a cup of coffee and let it get cold. He won't take a sip, while he's reading the newspaper.

"Dear, quick. I need your help. Get the lopper out of the garage and cut a branch off the Ash. It's the one brushing against Sarah's window. It scares her."


"You can come out now. I wonder if the Window Monster has his finger or nose in there, keeping us out. I'll teach him not to do that anymore. I'm going to push the icepick through the hole.

There, the door is open. Don't go in until I check Sarah's room for a monster in her closet, under her bed and outside her window."

"Okay, Momma."

"Oh my gosh Sarah, no wonder monsters want to get in your room. There are too many places for them to hide. Come in here and I'll show you. See, you have toys and clothes jammed under your bed and on the closet floor. It's a good thing the window is locked, or they could get in here and hide."

"The Monster kicked them under my bed and knocked them off my hangers." Replied Sarah.

"I'll help you."

"Billy, go to your room. If there are any toys and clothes under your bed and on the floor, pick them up and put them where they belong."

"Okay, Momma."


"Excellent dear. I was so stressed; it would have been a disaster with me handling that. I wonder how long it will last?"

"Until the day after tomorrow."

Through the eyes of a child writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short story (100-500 words). The story must include a child's perspective of an object or situation. The story may be told from the viewpoint of the child, or an adult.


This story was evolved from my bouts with PTSD and recognizing it. I have wanted to write a story from my late wife's view point. She can't speak to me in the normal sense, this is my translation of her attitude which was understanding and having fun with her kids. The coffee scene was real. She teased me when I would leave full cups of coffee or tea laying around and getting cold while I was doing other things.

I thank El-mundo from Fan Arts for allowing the use of his painting, Ancient Oak, as an illustration for my tale.
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