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For the innocence of children that must be protected!

Guardian Angel

by Aaqib Naeem

I was a young boy of eleven when you were born. Being the youngest of three children and the only boy, I had always wanted a brother. Someone with similar interests who could play the games with me that I enjoyed. Someone who equally enjoyed playing cricket, football and badminton. I had no idea originally of the duties and responsibilities of a big brother. Nearly fourteen years later, after having taught you these things as well as I could, I can say I am proud of myself over the things I have taught you in life. We all know that I am a man of many faults that are all too obvious but, I always did my utmost best to do right by you. I even learned about all the crazy new cartoons and anime just to be able to converse with you on your level and in a manner that would strengthen our bond further. The fact that you are in your early-teens and still follow me around like a lost puppy, closer on my trail than my own shadow, is vindication enough. So, what if you are only my paternal cousin? You are and forever shall little brother!

Three and a half years ago, a little angel was born. At a point, when I was going through a real low in my life. Actually, that cycle of depression lasted for better part of the last three years and the time around your birth, was only the beginning. The worst was yet to come and boy, did it come or what? You were a little baby, the happiest baby I have ever seen, and your ever-smiling face and uncontrollable laughter kept me sane. I cannot sleep at night and so, I would sit by your bedside hours on end and watch you enjoy your peaceful slumber. It became my little hobby and if ever you woke up in the middle of the night, I would be there to calm you down and put you back to sleep. I showered you with love whenever I got hold of you and you reciprocated tenfold more. I was and still am, one of your favourite persons in the world. When we are together, there is no one else you'd rather talk to and it's the same for me as well. So, what if you are only my nephew, son of my eldest sister? I am and shall forever remain in your debt for saving me, my soul and for getting me through the darkest time of my life. I adore you my little honey monster and your cute teeny tiny nose-tip is mine forever!

You are only eleven months old and the newest edition to our family. Your brother is everyone's favourite, but you have already fought hard to stake your claim. You don't give me a moment's rest, sweetheart! One of those babies, who only let their chosen few pick them up and cry a fountain when someone else approaches their claimed territory or general vicinity. And I know I am your favourite, am I not? When I am the one holding you and you are riding my shoulders like a queen, perched high up on her throne, there is not one single person you'd rather go to...not even your parents. I thought it was impossible for me to love and adore a child like this after your brother, but here you are to prove me wrong. So, what if you are only my niece and not even a year old? If we are to follow the pattern then, we are going to be thick as thieves for years to come.

Do you get the gist of it by now? I love kids, plain and simple. Nothing in this world is more innocent and purer than a little child. But that innocence needs to be protected and guarded vigilantly. The monsters that lurk around us in every society are always on the prowl. Rabid beasts and rotten vultures who never hesitate to prey on their fragile bodies and minds. Sorry excuse for human beings that are the worst of scum.

When I was only a child of nine or ten, before all these little angels were born, I had had my share of such a monster. Memories of those times which I had repressed even a decade after. For whenever I remembered, my gut would churn and all that I had eaten, would come out right back! I know of the monsters I speak of better than most. And so, I stand guard! I protect the innocence that should never be tarnished. I protect the light that should never be extinguished. Whether you want me to or not, my sweet children...I shall stand behind you as a lookout. As your self-appointed guardian angel!

True Story Contest contest entry


Author Notes:

Pedophiles, rapists and child molesters represent the worst of all humanity. We must all remain ever vigilant and on guard to protect our children at all costs. Any person who ever faces such a thing goes through a lifetime of trauma, loneliness and depression at some point in their lives. They blame themselves for the sins of others until they are mature enough to understand and accept that the whole thing was not their fault. And in some cases, people do not reach that stage at all and tend to get suicidal and that is sadder still. So, act as guardian angels for the ones you is our duty!

The kid from the first paragraph is Moiz, or as he likes to call himself, Gullu Uchiha! (A reference to Naruto manga/anime)
The child from the second paragraph is Ibrahim and I'm honored to be his Maamu! (A term in Urdu for maternal uncle)
The baby from the third paragraph is Amal and I am her Maamu as well!(Lately more so than Ibrahim's)
And all three of them, are the light of my life!

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