General Poetry posted February 11, 2020

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loop poetry for National Cherry Month


by dkblack

cherry blossoms announcing spring
spring forth in pastel coloring
coloring and fragrance welcoming
welcoming birds back to sing

sing their songs of irresistible calling
calling mates for nesting, hatching offspring
offspring in a season of perpetual renewing
renewing wonders of life, its cycle continuing

continuing to produce an offering
offering of cherries growing
growing like nature's bling
bling, a variety of cherry named Bing

February Fun Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
So, February is upon us... and it doesn't JUST mean Valentines! In fact, it COULD mean a whole host of other things... but you must CHOOSE ONE. That's right! The link below will bring you to the humongous list of things for which February has been designated the official month for.

Your poetry assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to pick ONE of those items on that list and write a TWELVE LINE RHYMED POEM about it. There is no specified meter or rhyme scheme, so it's totally up to you how the rhythm will work for your month choice. However, when it's all said and done, it must be EXACTLY TWELVE lines and it must RHYME. Remember to include your chosen month designation in your author notes!!

Please keep it CLEAN (I've seen some of those choices on there) and kick it up a notch with your presentation: make us WANT to celebrate February for your choice.... and, of course, want to vote for your Feb-Fun Poem!!

Good luck and run over there and choose.....we're all waiting!! ;-) ;-)

February National Cherry Month

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