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does art pay?

A chapter in the book The Book of Retirement

Her dream

by Iza Deleanu

As I was sitting on my sofa with my kitties, I suddenly received a phone call:

- Ms. Dreamer you won the literary contest organized by our publisher house, in addition with the money we offer you a 10-year contract and one million dollars for each year of the contract.

- What? Is this joke?

- No, is not! We just like your style and we want to make sure that we will be the chosen company that will take care of your talent.

- Okay, I am flattered but what's the catch?

- You need to travel for one year, by yourself. Just travel and write what you see, of course, using your witty style. We expect one short story per each month describing the places you have been. Does this sound fair?

- Fair? Ma Cher this sounds perfect! When do I start?

- Next week; we presume you need to arrange your affairs before you disappear for an entire year. And the only condition we have is to travel by yourself. We don't want any family distraction

- Sure, that will not be a problem. Thank you.

- We will wire the cheque and the details of the contract and we hope you are not seasick.

- Seasick? No way! I started walking on a boat.

- Excellent. We booked a couple of cruise lines across the globe. We thought this is the only way you can see multiple places and get inspired by the culture and its people. Your expedition will be a little bit different than the usual cruise because you get to spent two weeks in each place. This will give you enough time to get to know the place and write about it. Do we have ourselves a deal?

- Yes, Sir, of course.

In the evening my husband came home, happy I show him the cheque and told him what happened. He is an engineer and the only things he takes for granted are God and the lottery. He thought that this contract sounds like the Devil Advocate contract and I should stay put and retire properly like in.... one hundred years. Before I say good bye to my job I should check to see if the company is legit, because publishers don't spend money on newbies, talent or not!

I stop listening to him. I was so mad, we finally got the opportunity we wanted, and he, as usual, puts me down, that arts don't pay so much. I press the mute button and kept on dreaming: Thailand, Bali, Japan, Norway... And finally, retirementtttttttttttt, no more waking up at 5 am and nodding like an idiot to all the stupid ideas that you know that are not going to work. No More, Yes Man!

Suddenly one of the kitties jumps on my head. What the heck? Was I day dreaming? What is this in my hand? Is this my contract? Oh nooooooooo, is my latest story. Damn it! It's 5 a.m.. Yes, Sir, I am coming Sir. God is so cruel, to send me such a delightful dream and then pull me back to reality. I am so sick, seasick, I am calling in sick. No work for me today, just heartbroken reality. Kitties come to mommy.

This is a new chapter in the Book of retirement that contains short stories about how the retirement will be or dreaming about it. Thank you for your patience in reading this book and for your grammar corrections.
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