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A Continuation.

A chapter in the book No Time for Me!

Heart Fulfilled (A)

by Ricky1024

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Follows with another Amazing Journey Entitled...
"Time Reflects the Pain"
"Heart Fulfilled" (A)
Written on January 26th, 2020
By Doctor Ricky 1024
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'All Rights Reserved'
"Hearts are sometimes Broken... "Taken away as if a mere Token"
"Never again to be...
"This is from my Broken Heart to Thee."
"Time withdrawals Pain and Pain paints a picture of distain."
"But sometimes if we reach out...
"And, call out His Name?"
"Miracles and Wonders can be dermed...
"As if in a Dream?"
"They say the Little Lord Jesus lay down his Sweet Head?"
But on this sad, sad of day?"
"The Avenue to Heaven is marked with many, many, detours along the way."
(Theology 47.20)
'Away we must now go Doctor Luan.'
'Yes, I know.'
'And, this poor soul is now prepared, Nurse Summers.'
'For the Journey of His Lifetime.'
'And, yes Nurse, it's a clear day.'
"Slowly, with purpose, the team of Gifted Surgeons remove...
"First the Liver, followed shortly with the two Kidneys."
"Already iced and prepared for a Journey to last Three...
"A Lifetime."
"And, now to the 'Bigger Picture.'
"For my Only Son Jason Heart?'
"Must now go to one, Lucky fellow!"
"On April 1st, 2003.'
(April Fool's Day)
"The time had finally come for an Extremely, sickened man named 'Chaz.'
"And, as if under some 'Satanic Spell of Doom!'
"He couldn't even walk One Hundred yards...
"On oxygen...
"Without Collapsing!"
"But today?"


"The Heart of a Man" (B)
(God Shall Guide You Along the Way!)
Written on January 26th, 2020
By Doctor Ricky 1024

"The First letter from Chaz came only a few short weeks after our son Jason's accident."
"And, with virtually a new pump and engine?"
"He wrote to me about my pain!"
"As that New Pump was pumping Blood to his body as that New Engine was powering his new body...
"And, he was grateful."
"And, that was Letter Number One!"
"Letter Number Two."
"The next communication came a few years later."
"Yes, to announce his Only Son had entered Engineering School."
"And, was halfway taking a short break."
"While his daughter had just started Medical College, seeking a degree as an RN."
"He was okay and asked again, if I was!"
"The Final and last letter Number Three, came again...
"A few years later...
"His son had completed Engineering School and was now a successful Engineer!'
"As for his beloved daughter?"
"She too was successful working in the Emergency room as an RN in a hospital in Philadelphia."
"And, as for Chaz?'
"He too was successful as he reclaimed his management position in the local Walmart!"
"Even in the Darkest of Times...
"Even when all Hopes and Dreams seemed a Lifetime away?"
"And, even for me when on that Horrid of day?"
"Somehow, God will make it all right and...
"God Shall Guide You Along the Way!"



Appropriate Word Count:496.

Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Amazing and Talented Artist...
'David Ruhl'
And, his Incredible Picture Entitled, "Out of the Clouds"
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Artwork by David Ruhl at FanArtReview.com

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