General Poetry posted January 17, 2020

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My Life Is Ruined

by Gail Denham

Moaning, I crawled from the car, lifted my feet
over a tricycle, baseball mitt, two soccer balls,
a baton, and a lazy dog.

"Mom, Chad ate all the cookies," cried Sue.
And he wouldn't let me watch my program.
You gotta' do something."

My chin touched my chest. "Not now, Suzie."

"But who's fixing dinner, Mom? I'm hungry."
My sigh came from so deep it moved a curtain.

"Hi hon. What's up?" My other half breezed
in, stripping off his tie. "What's to eat?"

At that the tears flew. "I can't, Bob.
I've had horrid news."

"What is it? Is your Mom worse? Should we
go over. I'll drive." He pulled on his coat.

"It's me. I'm beyond upset. "Went to the eye doctor.
He told me I must wear glasses." My sobs rose
in volume. "He says my perfect vision, the 20-20
I've always had, is gone. I need vision correction.
Plus he says I probably can't wear contacts."

Chad and Sue came running. "Mom. What's wrong?
Do you need an aspirin?" I couldn't talk. Just then
I realized Bob was shaking too. His upper body vibrated.
He was laughing at my grief.

I stomped upstairs, yelling, "Fix your own dinner. I'd
ruin it anyway since I can't see good. Glasses! I'll be the
laughing stock of my bridge group."

The door slammed behind me, but not before I heard
Bob and the kids laughing so loud, the dog started howling.

20/20 Vision Poetry Contest contest entry

Course nowadays there are wonderful glasses frames and lots of folks wear them - but I remember back when we were called "four eyes" and other names. Thanks to GaliaG for the image. This is just a silly rant.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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