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Blood is thicker than Water

Loki's Return to the Good Side

by Bar62

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

How ridiculous is it to hold a party beginning at midnight?" The Queen mutters to herself. Well, having any party at all whether it is serious or humorous can be a notification for the authorities, Thor clarifies.

Loki, tells Thor in a whisper that a band of renegade Frost Giants has infiltrated his ranks and is currently spreading false information regarding the Asgardians' plan of extermination. That is the extermination of the Frost Giants. Thor feels this plan will work, once they get rid of the Giants it will open the gates to expansion for the Asgardians. Thor is seeing a whole new story for the Asgardians and the Frost Giants.

Loki has just warned Thor that the renegades are in actuality not Frost Giants at all. They are instead extra-terrestrials that have come to take over Asgardia as well as the land occupied by the Frost Giants. These extraterrestrials have been traveling thousands of light-years in anticipation of moving in on the Asgardians & Frost Giants, taking over their land and in so doing perpetuate their society. Their planet was dying.

With all the brainpower, the mathematical & astronomical knowledge, the technical and practical skills of constructing a highly technical device to push the inevitable back a few billion light-years into the deepest hole in the universe, they could do nothing at all to postpone the eventual burning out of the Star which functioned as their sun, with that final explosion of the Star it would hurtle gigantic pieces of the planet Helter Skelter throughout the space/time continuum. 

This story about the extraterrestrials trespassing on Asgardian & Frost Giant ancestral lands just burned Thor. He was almost beside himself with anger. Then a thought entered Thor's mind, What if Loki is lying again? It is a pretty outlandish story, perhaps Loki can't help himself, maybe he is a little touched in the head, I hate to say these things about my own brother, but I need to know for sure, whether or not he is telling the truth.

In the early evening, Thor is attempting to work his way into a comfortable position with Sif or is it Amora? So many women so little time. Thor is a hunk of a guy but he is all thumbs, finally, he gives up on the romance and concentrates on his next heroic battle, for it is on the battlefield where Thor is without exception the Best Warrior in all of Asgardia

Thor is gathering up all the most experienced best warriors throughout Asgardia. It is not so easy to tell a wife and the man's children that their Dad was going to war, and there is a very good chance he will not return. Thor knew that this war would be fought to the death. Last night he had a vision which spelled it all out the whole God Damned confrontation. The vision presented itself in full screen, multi-color, sense-around (making all the senses super aware.) Loki was in the vision carrying his head around on a silver platter.  The Queen, Thor & Loki's mother was in the vision; she was being beat-up and raped by seven or eight ET's. For as far as the eye could see the carnage ran deep.  The battlefield was strewn with dead bodies many with missing body parts; hands, arms, eyes, legs, torso's and heads. You could not walk through them without stepping in putrid pools of blood, shit & piss, and other body liquids that had the opportunity to flow freely.

Loki is found by Thor boning Amora. She's screaming like a cat in heat, and Loki is in another world pummeling Amora from the rear.

"Oh yeah so good. I'm going to blow my love, can't hold it in any longer.

"Do it darlin, I just experienced one of the most incredible orgasms I have ever had."

"oooooh, ahhhahhh" Thor is released.



"I love you baby"     

Well, everything went pretty well after the initial machismo and puffing of the chest. All interested parties joined together and took turns sharing their stories. When the ET's had shared their story of ultimate loss they were greeted with sympathy and warm embraces. In the end, it was decided to create a whole new political/social system that would accommodate all the various political and
social doctrines.

This the beginning of a whole ne0w epoch where social relevance takes a front seat on the bus

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