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Pons and Ned at a pet store.

Scene at a Pet Store 2

by Bill Schott

Pons and Ned continue to look for a good pet for Ned.

Ned: Hey, Pons. The pet lady said these parrots're quick learners. Maybe I kin teach this'n ta ride a bicycle.

Pons: I think she meant that it learns to talk fast.

Ned: No kiddin'?  Lemme check this here one out.

Ned walks up to a caged parrot and speaks.

Ned:  My name is Ned.

Parrot: Awk!  My name is Ned.

Ned:  No kiddin'!  Hey, Pons! This here parrot's name is Ned too.

Pons: I think he was just repeating what you said, Ned.

Ned: Let's see. Hey, Ned, what's yer name?

Parrot:  Awk! My name is Ned.

Pons: Okay, Ned, I guess you're right.

Ned: I wish I could find me a talkin' dog though. That would be somethin'. 

Pons: That WOULD be something, Ned.

Ned:  I don't mean no genie-us like Mr. Peabody er that Family Guy's pup what wants to do people things. I'd settle fer a Scooby-doo or a Astro.

Pons: One of those is a Great Dane and the other a German Shephard. Do you have room for either of them in your house?

Ned: Well, you tell me, Cuz. If you had a talkin' dog, would you make room fer it?

Pons: Ya got me, Ned. I would find room for a talking dog. Plus I'd get an agent and make a billion dollars.

Ned: Well, ya prob'bly oughta try ta git that money whether ya got a dog er not, Pons.

Pons: Right, Ned. So -- you want a dog? It probably won't talk at all.

Ned: Maybe if I buy a puppy I kin git Ned the Parrot ta teach 'im how ta talk.

Pons: For real, Ned -- dogs can't talk.  Mr. Peabody can't talk any better than he can time travel.

Ned: Time travel! Jeez Louise, Pons. I figure iffn I could time travel like a kid-na-gard-ner I'd be better'n most folks.

Pons: Okay, Ned. No time travel. No talking dogs. The parrot's name is not Ned.

Ned: You're bein' a bit neckativical there, Pons.

Pons: I'm sorry, Ned. You're absolutely right. Let's get you a dog, and we'll get Ned the Parrot to teach him how to talk, and let him watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman until he can time travel too.

Ned: I ain't sure whether Mr. Peabody is showing now. He might be on Hulahoop.

Pons: You mean Hulu?

Ned: Sure, Pons. HuLU -- hoop.

To be continued



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