Self Improvement Poetry posted January 11, 2020

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Once you tell a lie, you may need to keep on telling lies

The Lie That Binds

by Patty Palmer

To cover the truth, you must lie.
The words are always hard to find.
And no matter how hard you try
Another lie you'll need to bind!

Though you did not tell the whole truth
Always the chance to change your mind.
You could blame it all on your youth
Another lie you'll need to bind!

Honest truth becomes a story
There is no glory in your mind.
Then the lie if judged by jury
Another lie you'll need to bind!

Now the lie that no one believes
You will need now the courage find
To tell the truth that now relieves
Another lie you'll need to bind!

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A kyrielle is made of quatrains that rhyme. Each stanza (that is a quatrain) has a line that repeats, so a line from a previous stanza. That line usually (but does not necessarily have to) be the last line in the stanza. Each line in the poem has eight syllables. There is no limit to the number of stanzas. Usually there are three or more stanzas. Any type of rhyme scheme can be used. More information and an example.

When you tell a lie, it seems you'll need to tell another lie to cover the first lie. It can snowball out of hand and you end up telling another lie and another lie. After a while, it gets hard to remember what you've said so far and you start getting confused yourself. Better to tell the truth in the first place and save yourself right from the beginning.
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