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Fictional autobiography

A chapter in the book I, Don Pattern

I, Don Pattern

by Carl DeVere

What is generally believed to be "true" at this present time, for most people, is that each individual is thought to be a distinct and separate being, completely independent of the so-called "others." This being is referred to generally as "Me" or "I." Indeed a lot of people will go so far as to say that this condition persists--even after the lifetime ends. What might be true however is that each "individual" only exists as a pattern and not a discrete being at all. You might notice in the following narrative how this notion may indeed be illustrated.
I suppose that you could call this tale an autobiography. Such classifications of writing are often imaginative and mostly fiction anyway. I've noticed, as I've reached my elder years, that I can remember in detail more things than most other folks can. And when I hear the same tale told by someone else it's always just a little bit different...isn't it? Some will say, of course, in their never-ending quest to define things, that this is a kind of "coming-of-age" story. But what is "coming-of-age" anyway? "Coming-of-age " is always happening all the time since hardly anyone ever succeeds in becoming truly adult. Anyway--here's how I see it.


I have always been interested in the after-life, the before-life and the very life itself and it's meaning.
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