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Walk With Me

by Barb Hensongispsaca

"Hey, Daddy, tell me what we'll see
while we are on our walk."
'You never know what lives out here,
keep watching while we talk.'

"Hey, Daddy, where do camels live?"
'They live where it is hot.
They store the water in their humps -
in deserts, they need lots.'

"Oh, Daddy, where do lions live?"
'They live in Africa.
They eat and sleep from dawn to dusk,
like being at a spa.'

"So, Daddy, where are kangaroos?"
'Australia they call home.
They raise their babies in a pouch,
protecting when they roam.'

"Then, Daddy, tell me where are whales?"
'They live under the sea.
They like to swim around all day,
eat krill and just be free.'

"Okay, then where do squirrels live?"
'They live up in the trees.
They store their food for winter there,
some berries, nuts and leaves.'

"Oh, Daddy, where are seals today?"
'They live where there is ice.
They love to slide on snow all day
and swim when it is nice.'

"So, Daddy, where do rabbits live?"
'In burrows in the ground.
They love to rob a garden bare
of veggies growing 'round.'

"Then, Daddy, where do monkeys live?"
'High up in tow'ring trees -
away from danger they can play
cooled off by summer's breeze.'

"I love you but there's nothing here."
'I love you, too. Look see?
That tiny fluff of bouncing fur
that's underneath that tree.'

Art contest contest entry

bd shutterspeed thank you for permission to use your picture.

I saw this picture on fanart and it reminded me of a daddy, daughter walk and all the questions a child can ask in a short time.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by bd shutterspeed at

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