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A story of forgiveness and love.

Final Words (Story)

by Rosemary Everson1

As I dialed the number, I suddenly realized my birth mom probably was in bed. It rang continuously and no one answered. Then suddenly there was a weak voice, "Hello. Is this you Carina?"

"Yes, it is me. You sound so distant," I replied. "Are you feeling okay?"

"No Carina. I've been sick lately. I need to be in the hospital. But I have no one to take me there."

"Mom Bari, I'll be right there." My eyes still felt sore but seemed to be focusing again.  I ran to the front of the desk, telling them that I would be out for the day.  Then I hailed down a taxi to take me to 2025 Elm Street.

As I got out of the taxi, I handed the taxi driver the requested cash. He said, "Thank you."

The number on the door stated 2025 Elm Street. I ran to the door, opened it and saw my birth mom, Bari, lying on the davenport. She looked like a pale ghost.

I went directly to the bathroom, found a washcloth, soaked it with cold water and placed it on her forehead. As I was about to give her a kiss on the side of her forehead, she turned toward me and said, "Carina, I'm sorry.  Can you forgive me? I know my time is near, but always remember what I did was for your own safety. I didn't want to harm you in anyway."

"I'm so sorry, too, Mom," I said. "You walked away from my life.  When you left me, I cried for you to come and get me.  You never returned. I always wanted a mom and dad to love me, even though you say you couldn't support me after dad died."

Silently she drifted off into a peaceful sleep. I took her in my arms and cuddled her, reciting, "The Lord's Prayer." I faintly spoke the words which were on the tip of my tongue. "I love you, Mom. Let there be peace for you and me."

And with that, my birth mom, became a heavenly angel. I closed her eyelids, mouth and carefully covered her with a blanket to keep her warm.

I walked over to her phone and dial 911. They told me they would be on their way.

Carefully I dialed the Homeless Shelter, where my new adopted mom, Latte, lived. 

Latte answered, "Carina, are you okay?" It was like she knew that my birth mom had passed away.

As I held the receiver, my hand was trembling. "How did you know, Latte?"

"I could tell when you left something was terribly wrong. We had talked earlier about your mom, so I figured you were on your way to see her again."

"Latte, she's gone to her eternal home. She wanted me to forgive her. In my heart, I probably do.  The ambulance will be here soon. I'll be coming home after they come to get her."

"Carina, I'll come and be with you. I'll see you in a few minutes."

"Okay, I'll be waiting." I hung up the phone.

I walked the floor back and forth, patiently waiting for the ambulance. Then I heard the sirens. I didn't think the ambulance would have the sirens on, but they did. The EMT's came to the door and asked if they were at the correct address.

"Yes, you're at the 2025 Elm Street. This where Bari Fielding lives." They passed me and brought in a stretcher. They checked her vitals. As they placed my birth mom upon a stretcher, they then covered her body.

"Did you say your good-byes?" The kind EMT asked.

I nodded yes. 

Mom, I'll see you heaven.

It's a story about a love that was lost and found again; but was it found too late? My feelings are, it's never too late.

I'm in the process of revising some of my writings. Thank you for your feedback. Rosemary Hovey Everson

Some facts about this story:
Carina has macular degeneration.
Bari is Carina's birth mom. She placed Carina in an orphanage because she couldn't support her.
Carina became a resident of the Homeless Shelter after running away from the orphanage.
Latte was an employee of the shelter and became very fond of Carina; so she adopted her.
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