Humor Poetry posted November 18, 2019

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A silly fun poem

It Was A Night before Christmas

by Patty Palmer

Funny Nonsense Poem Contest Winner 
Twas the night before Christmas
In our warm comfy house.
I felt happy and peaceful
Climbing in bed with my spouse.

The kids and grandchildren
Had long since gone home
To celebrate Christmas morning
In the house of their own.

The wife smeared with cold cream
And I with Bengay
Settled down happily
To sleep the night away.

When all of a sudden
My heart began to race!
I'd forgotten the fire
In the fireplace!

Grabbing my cane
And stumbling about
Made my way to the parlor
To a fire no doubt!

But, as luck would have it
The fireplace was dark.
It had burned itself out
Not even a spark!

As I moved to return
To my nice cozy bed,
I heard a noise on the roof
Over top of my head.

It sounded as if
The roof would fall in
Oh no, I thought
It couldn't be him!

Then two feet appeared
Big boots like a scout.
Landed in the fireplace.
Glad that fire was out!

He entered the parlor
With his big red bag.
I hid in the closet
To see what he had.

He looked at the tree
But then turned around
And out to the kitchen
The silver he found!

The china, the goblets
All trimmed with gold!
The mixer, the toaster
Man, this guy was bold!

He spoke not a word
But filled his bag of red
With all our belongings
From the house and the shed!

Then as he finished
Robbing us blind
I held up my cane
And snuck up from behind!

Call 911!
I cried out in fear
But without hearing aid
The wife couldn't hear!

I hit him and smacked him
Upside of his nose.
I kicked him and beat him
From his head to his toes.

Calling the police
Meeting them at the door
My pacemaker was working
Overtime and much more!

I heard him exclaim
As they turned on the light
"You know for an old dude
You put up one awesome fight!"

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Funny Nonsense Poem
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