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Jeremy and Jessica's romantic ending.

A chapter in the book Pushed Too Far

Love Concurs All

by Mistydawn

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Jeremy is taken hostage by Jeff and Tony. Jessica the love of Jeremy's life is beaten by Paul. Barry saves Jeremy and then he and Jeremy save Jessica.
In retaliation, Jeremy beats Jeff and put him in the trunk. He then hits Tony with Jeff's car. He and Barry decide to take Jeff to Barry's cabin leaving the car, Tony, and incriminating evidence for the police to find.
Paul was attacked by the wild boar. Barry shoots him with plans to frame Jeff and Tony for his death.
The police arrest Barry, Jeremy, and Jeff. Barry and Jeremy are released. Joe discovers a discrepancy in their story and arrests them again

Jessica is motionless on the cold tile floor. Her attacker is standing above her drawing up a lethal dose of medicine. Mike realizes this is the only place he can take care of her where security cameras won't catch him in the act.

He glances up and says: "This is for you, Paul." He's looking for an undetectable spot to administer the poisonous elixir when the elevator dings. Terrified, Mike grabs her arms and drags her to the corner.


I thought ape-man was in jail. No worries, I'll just take care of both at once. He hides behind the door and waits.

"Jess?" A fist bashes Jeremy between the eyes the second he sets foot in the room. He grabs his nose as he staggers back. Blood pools into his hand as the last free member of Paul's gang rounds the corner.
Fury surges through every cell in Jeremy's body at the sight. He balls his fists as he yells through clenched teeth: "Where's Jessie?"

"She's resting comfortably." Mike lifts a half-filled syringe and sneers.

Precious memories flash through Jeremy's mind. Her beautiful face, her laughter, their first kiss under the starry sky, "You bastard." Jeremy lunges towards him, plowing him to the ground.

Mike's head thuds against the tile as air whooshes from his lungs.

Jeremy straddles Mike's semi-conscious body and screams; "No one hurts my Jessie, no one." He socks him with a right followed by a left. Blood spurts across the shiny tile with every crushing blow. "You've hurt us one too many times and I'm going to make sure you never do it again." A soft, sweet voice drifts across the room as he pounds him again.

Jerr bear?"

He glances over to find Jessica reaching for him. Springing to his feet Jeremy runs to her side. "You're alive." He scoops her into his arms and sobs. The scent of her perfume and her strawberry shampoo takes him back to their special night.

The warm June breeze blows gently under the starry sky cascading them with a wonderful assortment of fragrances as they stroll hand in hand through the park. Turning towards Jessie, Jeremy takes her hand in his.

"I've been thinking a lot about us, how much we mean to each other."


Jeremy nervously shuffles his foot in the dirt hoping to find some courage.

"What is it, Jeremy?"

Gulping, he gazes into her eyes. "I think we should take it to the next level, see where it'll go."

"I'd like that." She smiles.

Jeremy's heart races, his hands become sweaty as he leans in for a kiss. Jessica's sweet lips brush against his. "I love you, Jessie."

"I love you." Passion sparks when their lips touch again. Their soft, gentle kisses quickly turn into lust.

Jeremy feels an untamed desire stir deep inside him. It was
a raging lust he'd never felt before. He pulls her against him and kisses her again. Their sensual kiss arouses sexual urges neither had experienced. Jeremy hardened manhood presses against her as his tongue glides across her lips.

A heat rises between her legs. It was a womanly desire she knew only Jeremy can fill. She pulls his hardened appendage against her and begs; "Please make love to me."

Jeremy feels her heat, sees the animalistic desire in her eyes. "But I ..."

Jessica presses his finger to his lips. "I want you to be my first."

Jessica's sobs bring him back to reality. "Are you alright, Jessie?"

"Hold me,
Jerr-bear, please hold me," she cries. Her body trembles as he pulls her in closer. He thinks back to how he nearly lost her at the cabin and then again, a few short minutes ago. Pulling her back he gazes into her soft brown eyes. "You're my one and only, the love of my life, my soulmate. You give me a reason to live. It may take the rest of my life to win your heart, but just know I won't give up until I'm in my grave."

"I love you Jeremy with all my heart every ounce of my being. I was a fool not to see how much you mean to me."

Jeremy gulps back his tears. "Do you mean that Jess?"

"Ask me again." She lifts her left hand and smiles.

Jeremy glances at her hand and then at her face.

She nods.

Jeremy scrambles to one knee and then takes her hand in his. "I've loved you from the moment I first saw you. My love for you has grown stronger every single day. I'd be a great honor if...

"Yes, Jeremy, yes." She scoops him into her arms.

Someone sniffles behind them. They turn to see Barry wiping tears from his face.

"That was beautiful. The most romantic thing I've ever seen." He sniffles. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket he blows his nose.

"Thanks, Dad."

Jessica glances at Barry and then at Jeremy, an inquisitive look her face. "Dad?"

"It's a long story." He glances over at Barry and winks. "I'll tell you all about it on the way to your room." Jeremy helps her off the floor.

Jessica eyes her abductor. "What about him?"

"Guess he'll be going upstate with the others."

"The others?"

"You'll never believe what's happened, Jess." Jeremy laughs.

Four Months Later

The breeze blows gently on the warm summer's day. The heavenly scent of summer flowers drifts through the tepid air as an abundance of guests gathers on the freshly cut lawn. The public garden is lavishly decorated for the festive gathering.

There's a white satin walkway leading from the edge of the park through a floral garnished arbor to a wooden podium at the end. A colorful assortment of floral arrangements sits on either side of the platform. An organ to its far left.

White chairs adjoin either side of the walkway. The groom's tearful family occupies one side of the aisle while the bride's weeping family inhabits the other.

Jeremy is to the right of the platform with Barry by his side. Both are wearing royal-blue suits. A red carnation projects from their breast pockets.

"This is it, son."

"I'm so nervous I'm afraid I'm going to forget what to say."

Barry chuckles. "I thought you might be." He pulls index cards from his pocket and hands them to Jeremy.

"What's this?"

"Your vows, son. Exactly the way you rehearsed them." He's practiced so much that Barry knows them by heart.

"Thanks, Dad."

Barry smiles proudly. "I like the sound of that."

"You're going to be called Grandpa soon."

"I'll like that too." Barry glances around the park. "You two picked out a beautiful place."

"It's special
. It's where..." Jeremy's face turns red as he clears his throat. "You know."

Barry winks. "I understand, son."

"It was the first for both of us."

"No wonder this place is so special."

A black limo pulls up. A chauffeur climbs out and opens the passenger door. Jessica takes the driver's hand and stands. The crowd aahs at the magnificent sight.

Barry leans towards Jeremy. "She's beautiful, son."

"I know." He smiles.

Jessica's full-length gown is done in an ivory white
. A delicate strip of lace elegantly drapes across her collarbone; it attaches on either side to short lacy sleeves. The plunging neckline is fastened by lacy ribbons.
An embroidered floral design extends to the entire length of her gown. The dress unfurls across the ground around her.

diamond-studded headdress holds her blonde hair back, fastening at the nape of her neck. Her outfit, the headpiece gives her a classic, Victorian look.

The driver intertwines her arm with his and then escorts her to the edge of the walkway. "Your daughter, sir."

Precious memories flash through Max's mind as he gazes at the breathtaking young woman in front of him.
He recalls holding her for the very
first time. Waving bye from the sidewalk on her first day of school. Where did the time go? "You look beautiful, honey." Max gulps back his tears. He promised Jessica he wouldn't cry but he's finding it difficult to do.

"Thanks, Daddy."

Memories continue to replay in Max's mind as he blubbers his next words. "My baby girl has grown into a beautiful young woman."

"Please stop before I cry too." Jessica swallows her tears.

"How can I not when I'm losing my baby girl, my best friend." Tears stream down his face. Max swoops them away.

"You're not losing me, Daddy, you're not. I'll always be your baby girl," Jessica bawls.

Max wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "I love you,
Jessie, now and forever. Don't you ever forget it, alright?"

"I'll always love you too."

The chauffer wipes the moisture from his cheek as he clears his throat. "The guests, sir."

Max glances towards the tearful crowd. "We have them
bawling too." He chuckles.

"Leave it to us to make a crowd cry."

Max dries his face. "Are you ready, sweetheart?"

She looks towards the large congregation and gulps. "As ready as I'll ever be."

The driver keys the organist. The wedding march begins.

"I'm very proud of you, Jessie."

"Please... Oh, here I go again." She chokes back her sobs.

"We have to pull ourselves together if we're ever going to
get through this."

Jessica squeezes his hand. "You're right, Dad." She takes a gulp of courage. "Let's do it."

"You do look beautiful, honey."


Max chuckles. "I won't say another word."

Jessica gazes up at his handsome face. "I love you, D

"And I love you."

Max's body heaves, tears trickle down his face as he tries to contain his emotions. I have to do this for Jess,
he thinks as he chokes back his tears. After the most agonizing moments of his life, Max hands her to the
groom. "Take good care of my
baby," he whispers sternly.

"I will, sir."

"Love you, Daddy."

"Love you too, Jessie."

Feeling like every bit of energy had been knocked out of him, Ma stumbles to his seat.

"Are you alright? Bonnie asks as he plops down in the chair.

"Our baby girl is gone." He sobs.

"You'll always be a big part of her life."

"I... I hope you're right." 

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents
Berryville PD

Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.
Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down
Kirk, detective. He previously worked in the lab.


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