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Getting ready to hit the road

A chapter in the book Wilderness Redemption Road

Evil Walks Part II

by Earl Corp

Frontier story filled with hijinks and shenanigans.
Carter Holler, Kentucky

Roseanna took a pull from the jug. She felt the whiskey burn her throat all the way to her stomach. She loved that warm feeling she got when it got down to her tummy. She also liked how her joints didn’t ache so much after a dab of Nate's Home Brew.

Nate might not be any shakes at farmin’, but he sure knows what to do with the corn once it wuz growed, she thought.

She looked down at her grandchildren, who were hanging on every word. This always amazed her how the young’uns would listen to the ramblings of an old woman.

They need to know where their  people come from, she thought.

“What’s next Granny?”
“I’m gittin’ to it, hold your horses.”
Same field 5 miles north of Pittsburgh
A week later

“I have to hand it to you Smythe, You picked some mighty fine mules and horses,” Clancy said as he ran his hand along the flank of a big Jack mule.

“Of course, nothing but the best. I hope they meet with your approval Sinclair,” Smythe replied.

Clancy  gave Janie a wink, as he said, “ I don’t think they’re big enough.”

This puzzled Smythe.

“These are the biggest mules I could procure, I was assured they could haul anything put on their backs.”

“Yeah but they still ain’t big enough,” Clancy said.

“Why would they need to be bigger?”

Clancy broke out in a big grin.

“In case we gotta eat’em.”

This solicited a chuckle from Janie and Mighty Beaver. Smythe wasn’t amused and started to turn red at being the butt of yet another of these buffoons jokes.

“You assured me you, Carter, and the savage could keep us in fresh meat as well as guiding us.”

“That was before I found out you were bringing 25 of the most worthless specimens of manhood I ever seen.”

“You won’t think they’re so worthless once we get where we’re going or run into a Shawnee war party along the way,” Smythe sniffed.

“Yore right, there’ll be plenty of them to soak up Shawnee arrows before they get to me,” Clancy said.

This miffed Smythe further, he felt his face get hot as the flush creeped up his neck.

“I assure you, Sinclair, each of these men came highly recommended for their fighting abilities.”

Clancy threw back his head and let loose a deep belly laugh, Janie giggled, and Mighty Beaver cracked a grin.

Realizing he wasn’t going to win with these backwoods dunces Smythe turned on his heel and stomped off towards the main picket line of mules. Janie had watched as Smythe had red rise up his neck. The redder he got reminded  her of a thermometer on a hot summer day .

“He’s pretty upset,” Janie noted.

“He’s young, he’ll get over it,” Clancy said. Changing the subject, “I wonder where Doo is?”
“He is probably getting outfitted,” Mighty Beaver answered.

“He’s probably sipping tea with that McCallister gal more than likely,” Clancy growled. “Leave it to Doo Carter to find any excuse to get out of work, even if it means drinking tea.”

“You wouldn’t sip tea with me, Clancy?” Janie pouted.

It was now Mighty Beaver’s turn to be amused as he watched Clancy backpedal away from his statement.

“That durn well wasn’t what I meant, Janie,” Clancy sputtered. “You know I’d even take a bath to sit down to tea with you."

Janie rushed to Clancy and gave him a big squeeze.

“I know you old he-bear,” she giggled.
“But that still doesn’t answer the question, where in blazes is Doo?”
McCallister Household
North Hill, Pittsburgh

“Father you can’t be serious,” Richard McCallister said.

“Oh, but I am lad, someone needs to watch over your sister,” said Angus McCallister.

Richard peered out the front window where Roseanna and Doo Carter were sitting and sipping cider.

“Doo Carter seems capable of watching over her, why must I trek into the wilderness amongst the wild beasts and savages, HE WANTS To Go.”

“Aye, that he does.”

“And Roseanna seems taken with him.”

“Aye, and that is exactly why I want you to go.”

“But I’m not any match for Carter.”

“I just want you to protect Roseanna from herself, now go pack.”
“Yes Father.”
McCallister’s front porch
“How’s your cider, Doo?’

“It’s fine, just the way I like it with a little snap to it.”

The couple sat in silence. Doo because he was deep in thought, Roseanna because she was waiting for Doo to say something, finally he did.

“Are you still plannin’ on goin’ on Smythe’s expedition?”

“Of course silly,”

“It could be dangerous going into Shawnee Country.”

“Would you worry about me?” Roseanna asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“I’d be worried about any white woman making this journey.”

This miffed Roseanna.

“Well you don’t have to worry about me, Doo Carter, I can take care of myself.”

“The Shawnee ain’t the same as those two would be robbers.”

“I’m not scared of any old Shawnees.”

“You better be, if you don’t want end up married to one, or worse.”

“Godfrey has plenty of men going along, plus there’s you, Clancy, Mighty Beaver, and Janie.”

“And yore brother Richard.”


“Yore brother is going to help scout and hunt meat.”

“My brother couldn’t find his way to water if he fell in a river.”

“Yore pa told mine he wuz goin'.”

“Humph, we’ll see about that.”

Doo drained his glass and set it down on the porch rail.

“I reckon I better go get ready, sunup comes mighty early."

“I will see you in the morning Mr. Carter,” Roseanna said as she held out her hand to Doo.

She was taken completely by surprise when Doo’s big paw enveloped her hand in his and shook it, instead of kissing it like she had hoped he would.

“G’night Roseanna.”

Ooohh, that man is so dense, she thought.


I apologize it's been so long since I posted a new chapter, I got a new job plus I'm still writing for a newspaper on weekends. For those just reading for the first time, there are 8 more chapters in case you're interested, feel free to go back and read'em to catch up. For those only reading for Fanstory bucks and points, I know it's long and probably not your regular genre, give it a chance. Be kind.

Those wondering about the references to Our Grandmother, the Shawnees believed in a female deity they called Our Grandmother. Anna found this out while reading the chapter for me.

Ha-ho is a traditional greeting between the Shawnees

Cast of Characters
Roseanna Carter- narrator
Doolittle Carter-Extremely blessed and lucky frontiersman.
Janie Wolfe- Heroine, wise beyond her years, intuitive, follows her instincts, knows how to swim.
Roseanna McCallister- Heroine who will figure a lot more heavily into the story. Knows how to shoot, ride, and yes, swim.
Swooping Eagle - Shawnee Warrior, vengeful but listens to the voice of reason, knows how to swim.
Wise Owl- Shawnee Warrior, the voice of reason, knows how to swim.
Running Deer- Civil Chief of the Shawnee and Swooping Eagle's father' Not happy with Swooping Eagle for getting his favorite son killed. Knows how to swim.
Mighty Beaver- Delaware Warrior, funny sense of humor, knows how to swim
Clancy Sinclair-Happy -go-lucky friend of Doolittle, knows how to swim
Godfrey Smythe- Ferret faced cad, probably knows how to swim.
Zachary "Zack" Carter- The Carter family patriarch and quite possibly the toughest man on the frontier. Men fear him and women want to be with him. Knows how to swim.
Percy Smithers- Owner of the Crowing Rooster Tavern. He's crooked as a dog's leg but looks like a straight arrow compared to Godfrey Smythe. Might know how to swim.
Red Mike- Royal Boar tavern owner. Doesn't need to know how to swim.
Dirk Fox- One of Smythe's minions and a five star rascal. Knows how to speak Shawnee and swim.
Tyler McGraw- Smythe's new dupe. Speaks Shawnee.
Angus McCallister- Roseanna's father and French and Indian War Ranger. Knows how to swim.
Mary McCallister- Roseanna's step mother, wife of Angus.
Richard McCallister- Roseanna's older brother who is about to get a surprise at supper. Knows how to swim.
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