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A fight never takes place

Turn the Tables

by Rikki66

His name was William, he was sixteen and rode a motorbike. He was a bully to everyone; I seemed to be his special project. He wore jeans, boots and a black leather jacket. He was the Fonz before there was a Fonz.
I was the kid in slacks, madras shirts and glasses, I walked or rode a bicycle from Howard Brothers.

He called me a coward and sissy in crowds he continually challenged me to fights, knowing that due to my upbringing I would not respond. He would let the air out of my bicycle tires and have a good laugh as he motored by me pushing my bike home.

He was a favorite of the football coach and continually challenged me to strength test in front of the coach. He was the strongest and most athletic I had the endurance so his challenges were climbing the rope, lifting weights, running short distances. In all, he would excel. I would then be given extra work to gain strength.

The final straw came when he told my girlfriend I was seeing someone else. He made a pass at her. In front of the school, I challenged him to a fight.

We met in a vacant lot surrounded by most of the ninth grade, I was bare-chested carrying a tree branch,
"Look the coward is so scared he has a stick."

"It's for you, I am fixing to kick your ass nine ways to Sunday," I said tossing him the limb and taking a Karate stance,

"You are serious."

"Dead serious, I think I have trained enough to break you. (My only training had been reading a book)"

"Look, Rick, let's talk about this."

"Sure, start."

"I am sorry about Linda."

"Go on."

"The names, your tires I am sorry."

I extended my hand. He did likewise. We raised hands to a cheering and booing crowd. (the ones that did not see blood) from that day forward we were friends of a sort, at least when he called me names he smiled.

My revenge was seeing the school watch him back down, I never found out why. If It had gone the other way he might be writing this as a confession.

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Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction tale of REVENGE. Maximum 800 words. This can be in any genre and can range from a light-hearted prank to a murderous act of vengeance. Clever twists and irony encouraged.

A memory for being a freshman.
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