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This is an essay on the lack of respect in today's society.


by Sandra Ludwick

It is said that RESPECT is earned, it is not given freely. And, I am having a difficult time trying to find and identify any RESPECT within our current society. Now how could you possibly define something like that in all its nuances, which is annoying in itself. RESPECT ranges anywhere from very mild irritants to incredibly maddening situations. I personally call these issues "mosquito bites." You know the ones; the little irritants that get under your skin, come at you unexpectedly, or the ones that might miss the first time but come back to bite you in the end (literally and figuratively).

The interesting thing about mosquito bites is that they vary so much by the situation and individual who has been infected. For instance, many individuals would say that having a machine tell a check-out person how much change to give back is a mosquito bite. Gone are the days when change was computed mentally by a real human being. Frankly, I could care less because at least I know the change will be correct - - if the person can count. But, how can you RESPECT a machine? There was a time when you could RESPECT and admire a person for their computation skills.

What really gets my knickers in a knot so to speak, is when that same check-out person is holding a conversation with another person while I am patiently waiting to conclude my business and get out of the store. I don't really even mind the conversation but continue to do your job. RESPECT?

Mosquito bites cause all types of reactions. One Christmas I had to finish my shopping, but I was not feeling well at all. There was a check-out line in the store, and I thought I was in it . . . until a very obnoxious man came up to the counter and began yelling about service. You know the type. The ones that feel they are entitled. And the ones that believe the squeaky wheel always gets oiled. Well, the clerk waited on him. She couldn't get him out of the store fast enough. There is nothing like rewarding bad behavior. RESPECT?

Many things are mosquito bites to each of us. I feel a bite every time I hear someone dis-RESPECT another individual, or someone's property, or the office of the Presidency (no matter who is in there). I feel a bite when someone tells me a lie and then they assume I am not smart enough to know the difference. I feel a bite when someone is trying to manipulate me or sell me something I don't need or want. Or I feel a bite when parents let their children run wild and/or destroy property, whether deliberately or not. Again, RESPECT?

I would certainly rather focus my energy on things that really matter, like RESPECT, even if it is not in vogue. Things that bring joy to my life, not aggravation. And with that statement, I have given enough of my time to annoying things that are not respected.

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With all the advances we have made in this society, it has come at the expense of some basic common sense when it comes to curtesy and respect.
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