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The Audience

by aryr

The only light, which was dim, fell on Timothy. The audience, every single person, had moved forward to the edge of their seats in anticipation. They awaited the macabre' events about to unfold.

"Please, sirs, I beseech you to be merciful."

A voice in the dark replied, "Who chooses words like 'sirs', and 'beseech'? And why should I be merciful? Why me?"

"Again, I say. Please, sirs, I beseech you to be merciful."

"I again ask, why I should be merciful?"

"Please. Sirs." Timothy whimpered.

The audience gasped in unison at the sound of a slithering body. Slowly the humongous body of the snake came into the light that surrounded Timothy. He did not move.

"Why ssssshould I be merccccciful? I desssssire to coil tightly around you. I want to climb your length and look into your faccccce. How do you feel about that, human?"

"I ask that you make my death quick, that you permit me the mercy of that action."

"Perhapsssss, I ssssshould find sssssomeone in the audienccccce, sssssomeone more reccccceptive."

"No, please do not leave me, sir. Would you prefer I struggle more? I can try to free my legs."

"Ssssstrugglesssss would be a niccccce touch, indeed. That'sssss my boy, much better."

"Oh, it's difficult to breath, sir. It's tight around my chest."

"Jussssst asssss it'sssss sssssupposssssed to be. Awwww, let me posssssition myssssself, ssssso I can look into your eyesssss."

"You are so beautiful. Wherever did that greenish hue come from? And your wings, they are so large yet transparent. Your eyes."

The audience gasped, some shrieked, some fainted and some just ran for the doors as the jaws unhinged and devoured Timothy's face.

A dedication to Dean Kuch. And a thank you to MoonWillow for the artwork- Man or Beast.
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Artwork by MoonWillow at

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