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In real life, not extrapolated theory, I don't see seas rise

50 Years Failed Apocalyptic BS

by Reese Turner

My personal sea-level experience includes Plymouth Rock and Galveston Beach. I've visited Plymouth Rock many times over 45 years -- my wife is from that area and we often eat just down the street. This year, I asked the ranger there where the Rock was originally, how far out in the harbor? He pointed to the "1620" chiseled on the Rock and was quite sure it had not been moved since the Pilgrims landed and why would I ask such a question?! I answered, "Well, with all the global warming and rising seas, I figured y'all had to drag it farther in for the tourists." He said, "We don't get that much global warming around here." (By the way, why did liberal icons, the Obamas, buy a $14 MILLION Martha's Vineyard Beachfront if rising seas are imminent? Do they know something mere mortals know not?)

In Galveston, near my home, the beach is at the same place its been for my 70+ years. The sea-wall, built after the 1900 flood which killed thousands, is still high and dry. So, my reference points have not changed, but my attitude about instilling fear in na�?�¯ve children has become bitter. Let the protests for clean air and water begin at the embassies of China, Russia, India and Indonesia -- our American pollution does not begin to equal!
Humans did not cause any Ice Ages - nor did humans cause the warming which made those glaciers retreat. Records of heat and cold, rain and snow have been kept for over 100 years and yet we still see records broken of both heat and cold, rain and snow. Weather happens. Climate cycles.

At, the skeptical can read actual newspaper reports of decades of wrong forecasts. AOC and Al Bore are famous, but not unique. And remember, most of these dire predictions come from university related PhDs ("PhD" = "Probably he's Delusional") chasing government grants must write what the grantor wants. A dancing monkey does not choose the music!

We cannot allow our best governing Constitution or our world-envy economic system to be thrown into the trash heap of failed socialist, Utopian garbage. We are an inventive, free and forward moving people who have created and grown a way of life the entire world (except for a few elitists and social misfits) want to come to. As for me, I once put on a uniform, raised my right hand, and swore to protect and defend our Constitution. While it has been five decades since, that commitment is even stronger today than it was in 1969. While others around the world, and some within our own borders, have declared war on us, I shall remain on watch to "Keep America Great".

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