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A journey to a small thoughtful gift

Mrs. Evans

by Dihalia

It was a dark night and Mrs. Evans was coming out of the library. She worked there from Monday to Saturdays from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. One night she was walking alone to her car as Mr. Elvis needed to go to the bathroom and she did not wanted to wait for him. In her way out, she was spooked by a women who asked her for money.

"C'mon mam I'm hungry."

"I don't have money to give you. Here, have some cookies," Mrs. Evans offered.

"Thank you mam, but I need money too, to buy me a drink."

"I told you I don't have money, you can drink from the fountain inside the library. Now go and leave this woman alone."

The woman left and Mrs. Evans turned on her car and left. Next day, Mrs. Evan found the same woman. This time she was prepared and gave her a packet of sealed cookies.

"Thank you mam," the woman said, "but would you have some spare money to give this poor woman?"

"I don't have money, I told you," Mrs. Evans answered.

In that moment a guy came from behind and restrained Mrs. Evans and put her in her car and drove off.

Mrs. Evans was pale, she did not know where she was going. The woman did not do anything to help her.

"Sr, please!"

"Shut up! You know, my mom did not care about me and my dad left when I was born."

"Please! Don't kill me!"

"Shut up! I have a story too!," the man said in rage.

"I am sorry, I just..."

"Who does not care for her own child? I blame her you know."

"She was probably young," Mrs. Evan said.

"Aren't they all?"

"When you are young its difficult to have such a responsibility."

"Well, why did she have me then? I would not be stealing your car."

"Are you saying you are not going to kill me?"

"Are we back to you? Haven't you learn anything yet?"

"Please! Sir!"

"Shut up! Don't cry! I hate woman crying." Mrs. Evans sobbed for the last time.

"Sir! Take the car and my purse. You can start a new life."

"You are not going to tell on me? Do you want me to believe that?"

"I promise, just promise me that you won't kill me."

"This is what we are going to do. What are you doing?"

"Nothing sir, I am just trying to find the seat belt."

"The ride is not going to be for long. You are going to leave your purse which I doubt does not have cash."

"Sir, I did not tell you I could not give you the money I have, please, there you have the purse."

"Everyone always say they don't have money!"

"I am going to leave you here."

"Thank you sir!"

"Shut up!"

Mrs. Evans recognized that she was not left too far from the library when she started walking. The guy moved the purse to his seat and kept driving. It was 8:15pm. The walk in the street at that time was spooky. Mrs. Evans tried to do her best she could to maintain herself calm. Once she arrived, she saw Mr. Elvis.

"What happened? What did you leave?"

"I was..., I don't have..." when she started sobbing uncontrollably.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I was kidnap and he robbed my car," Mrs. Evans said trembling.

"We have to call the cops!"

"No! I promised!"

"But Mrs. Evans," said Elvis.

"No, Mr. Elvis, let's leave it. I am alive! My life for the car and the purse."

"You can't, you need to call the cops!"

"Do you want to stay here in our company or you want me to take you home?"

"I want to stay here."

Once inside, Mrs. Evans received a phone call.

"How can you have your cell phone?" Mr. Elvis asked

"I slide it to my pocket when I was putting the seatbelt on."


"Hello, this is the Police Department, we have your car. Are you alright?"

"Yes, thank you. How did you know?"

"The girlfriend took him in."

"Who is she?"

"I can't give you her name but she said you always gave her cookies."

"Oh, I know who she is," she said trembling.

"You can come tomorrow for your car and to press charges."

"Is she ok?"

"She is fine, but she was part of the ambush."

"Really? She just seem like a woman who needed help."

"She told us everything and she is happy you are doing alright."

"Thank God! And her!"

"How would I know that a packet of cookies will make her repent?" Mrs. Evans asked.

Wonders of God! Mr. Elvis answered.

The End

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