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A criminal becomes a hero.

Jason Drooly

by Raul1

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Jason Drooly has raped eight women in the 2000s decade. The police have enough evidence to put him behind bars. The only problem is that he's nowhere to be found. They have been looking for him for more than twelve years.

He is a wanted man. The police have arrested him before, but he came out with lucky escapes from prison. Most people think that he is living in Mexico under a false identity. What they don't know is that he still is inside the States somewhere.

Jason heard in the news about a criminal who kidnapped a missing girl. This man happens to be Arthur Sebis and the girl he abducted is Carrie Sommers. Jason wants to rescue her, bring her back to her parents, and turn himself in. But, he wants the price to be known as a hero.

The police are on an investigation of trying to find the missing six year old girl Carrie Sommers and offered a bounty of 25k. The other police department is on a manhunt for Jason Drooly, but his case is close to being an unsolved closed case. Time is running out to arrest the wanted felon known as Jason Drooly.

Jason is sneaking by the gasoline station. He watches a stranger throwing today's newspaper in the trash. He waits for the lady to leave. She is gone for good. He grabs the paper from the trash can. He hides behind the store and reads the paper about the missing girl. He has a lucky guess who could have taken her. The name Arthur Sebis rings a bell in his mind. They used to be buddies back in high school. But, he doesn't know for sure it is him. It can be anybody.

It is turning night and Jason has the newspaper inside his jacket. He sleeps in horrible conditions as a homeless person. He woke up the next morning and saw a suspicious pick-up truck. There was a man grabbing hold tight of a little recognizable girl. Could it be Arthur Sebis and Carrie alongside with him?

Both entered the gasoline station store. Jason sees a sheet cover on top of the pick-up truck. He runs quick to it, jumps up behind it, and hides under the sheet cover not to be seen. Arthur secretly points a gun behind Carrie's back and they got into the truck. They drive away.

Jason doesn't make any sounds at all, but he hopes that Arthur never finds him. Anyway, I don't think that Arthur has a special interest looking at what's inside the sheet covers behind his pick-up truck. Carrie is frightened to talk to the criminal. She should be scared. She doesn't even know him.

She ask him to pick up food for her, because she is hungry. He declines and tells her a bit later, but not now. She starts to hate him. She has a very deep hate for Arthur Sebis.

They arrive at a broken-down farmhouse. No one can't ever look for them here, because it is a deserted place. You can see deers, horses, and ponies all across the area. They got out of the vehicle and got inside his dirty home. He ties her up downstairs in the cellar, closes it, and locks it up with his key.

At the Police Headquarters they have files of the two most wanted criminals. One was Arthur Sebis who has a record of assaulting and killing innocent cops at a crime scene years ago. Another was fighting with his wife over a false cheating scandal, which never happened. On the other side, Jason has a criminal record of sexually abusing and raping decent women. He has killed babies in his time as a teen. Now he is a Thirty-eight year old man. They are cooperating with the other police headquarters who are also looking for Jason Drooly.

Carrie's parents are hoping the police detectives find their missing little girl. They are missing her so much, crying in tears, and living a true nightmare. All they are doing right now is hoping that she shows up in front of them. When is it going to happen? It looks like never at all.

At the farmhouse, Carrie is desperately screaming for food and begging him to at least let her see some daylight. Arthur prepares food for her, opens the cellar, goes downstairs, and feeds her. She gives him hate looks every time he watches her. Jason gets out of the truck holding a useful weapon. He gets inside the farmhouse and runs downstairs in the cellar.

Suddenly, Jason attacks Arthur with a bat and knocked him out cold. He later ties him to the pick-up truck, takes care of Carrie and drives to a nearby payphone. He calls the police and negotiates with them. His demands to deliver Arthur, Carrie, and himself to them. His favor is: Be recognized as a hero and to lower his sentence. The police agreed to his claim and made public his act.

Years later, after Jason Drooly complied with his sentence, he promised to the public that he will never be a criminal anymore. He was recognized as a hero to the town community. He is now living his life.

Hero contest entry

I was inspired writing this from watching crime mystery shows. I hope that you all enjoy it.
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