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Our Kerfuffle

by Barb Hensongispsaca

'Twas all I really said to him,
while speaking out just on a whim.
'You really don't know how to drive,
I'd like to get there while alive!'

He found offence in what I said.
'Then you should have stayed home in bed!'
In retrospect, I did agree -
'There's no place else I'd rather be.'

A fight ensued as he got mad -
he'd drifted right, oh, just a tad.
The sand trap caught and pulled us in,
he'd then drove where we'd never been.

The hill looked like a mountain side
as we skimmed down the gravel slide.
We hit the dirt, then bounced around
as that car made horrendous sounds.

The brakes burned out 'bout half way down,
my underwear was turning brown.
My life then flashed before my eyes.
I know the wildlife heard my cries.

The tires blew out, I held on tight,
then sparks ensued, t'was quite a sight.
My false teeth rattled from the bumps
as hubby, dear, hit all the humps.

The trees raced by, but in a blur.
The engine smoked and then it purred.
The car was gaining so much speed,
I had to pee, I felt the need.

The headlights gone, the windows, too;
we really were in quite a stew.
The hood unlatched and flew away.
The air bags popped - oh, what a day.

I saw the water 'fore we hit
then skimmed along until we lit.
The doors were gone so mud rushed in,
we laughed in shock, we could not win.

'Twas quite a trip, my husband mused -
kerfuffle was the word he used
as he tried to explain the way
we detoured on this fateful day.

Sean T Phelan thank you for permission to use your picture.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Sean T Phelan at

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