General Poetry posted September 27, 2019

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The discovery of deception

On Winds Of Deceit

by LisaMay

Love's Betrayal. Contest Winner 

I’m blown away on winds of deceit –
I just found out my love is a cheat.
The ground swallows me whole as I choke on tears;
it’s all come true, the worst of my fears.
I’m a shattered stone, my world’s been fracked;
he got it elsewhere, whatever I lacked.

I went to the park for a solitary walk.
We’re hardly together, we barely talk,
but I’ve loved him true with my heart’s tender song,
and I will forever, all night and day long.

Now here in the park, as I sit on this bench,
I see him come strolling, hand-in-hand with a wench:
a young one, a beauty, and full of sweet life,
while here on this bench sits his tired wife.

Then I hide in the bushes, as they walk close by
so they will not see the sad tears that I cry.
The park was my refuge, now its beauty is marred.
With the pain of this knowledge my heart is now scarred.

I pick up the pieces that aside have been cast –
I see rubbish scattered; a newspaper whirls past.
Some people are careless and don’t give a damn.
My happy place turned into a sham.
Oh, faithless Harold! My love you abuse –
and now I know I am yesterday’s news.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem, any style or length, about a lovers betrayal.

Love's Betrayal.
Contest Winner
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