Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted October 1, 2019

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Time to be careful with time

Almost Scented (Refracting Lens)

by Badger_29

"I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves". L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables, #3)


A bit behind
 my usual way-
 In a bit of a bind,
 as unexpected delays-
I glanced at my reflection 
hurrying through a gate,
 and had a recollection
 of a time and space, sedate 
The face I saw in the window
 was anxious and concerned-
lines etched just below,
sleepy eyes that burned-
 With a sober understanding 
that it is not possible
 to process all these things,
 so I had learned to cull 
The relevant ones
 from the chaff 
and when this is done,
 I have time to laugh
(If not, I would be crying,
 as soon I will be dying)
In the edge of my sight,
I detect a lavender shade-
a duly diligent delight,
to my olfactory sense, it bade
Had it been a previous time-
my youthful halcyon days,
I might have sought a scent, sublime 
and not been so concerned with delays
Turning to my right
 hastily to find-
the future, my delight!
(Yet, something tugging
at my mind)
Somehow a bit distracted,
going through daily motions
Scattered thoughts refracted 
through the lens of
utter devotion 
For we are all devoted 
to the whims we entertain
as the path behind is coated,
with the ashes that remain 
Sifting percolating thoughts 
of overactive minds,
 as uncertainty is brought 
by distractions that we find 
So I hurried and scurried
 to make up for lost time
In my path a flurry 
of disconnected rhymes 
Some of a scent, beckoning 
its mystery couldn't reach me 
In my dreams, she sings 
I secretly yearn for 
 what she could teach me 
I finished all of my tasks,
 but felt somehow unfinished
To Earth Mother, I ask,
"Has my connection diminished?" 
Am I so very occupied
with these tedious decisions,
while my inner child hides 
in a shell of utopian vision?


A shocking, and abrupt transition 
as I rushed out of my Earthly shell
Jockeying for position,
on karma's mysterious wheel
When I came to my senses
I was surrounded by paradise 
Gone were the refracting lenses,
 I felt hale, whole and wise 
I looked out into this place,
but it was not with sight I saw
 I had no eyes or face,
 just a gnarly, rooted claw
 to my supreme wonder
 growing from the ground-
basking and swaying under
a sky which did abound
with an orange atmosphere,
 to this vision I relented 
It became suddenly clear,
 that I was delicate, 
and lavender scented . . .


thanks to Google for the image.

while reviewing, please take into consideration that I realized the meter is a bit odd that it was somehow necessary for me to mix in odd syllable count with this particular experiment.

Brother Badger
Tuesday October 1st, 2019
1920 PM
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