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We learn early what the true meaning of friendship is...

Once Upon a Time

by Y. M. Roger

I voted. I know I wasn’t supposed to. And I lied by signing Cook Nancy’s ballot (she’s out sick). Plus, since I’m  the Princess who’s being assigned her school chapterone, I’m not supposed to help decide.
But hooey on all that! This is my time and – in my oldest brother’s words – my educational experisense. I know I’m only eight, but shouldn’t I have something to say about who I go back and forth to school with? Aaaaand be stuck working on homework with?
Obviously not, because here I sit, after being sent to my room by His Royal Majesty… umm, that’s Dad. Pretty sure he figured out that Nancy doesn’t use sparkly ink like me. Sigh.
Or it might be because I voted for TJ – he’s the son of Stable Manninger Tom Forrester. Maybe that’s why I got in trouble, because I only wrote his nickname, TJ (stands for Tom, Jr.). I’ll know better next time.
See, almost everybody here makes fun of TJ. He has trouble speaking, especially when he gets nervous… which is a lot. Just yesterday, Dale – he’s such a noo-noo head – asked TJ about Hercules’ hurt leg. Well, TJ tried to answer him, but all that came out – as Dale stood all tall and mighty over him – was a bunch of gibberish. And TJ’s face got redder and redder the harder he tried.
‘Boy, you’re just stupid!’
That’s what Dale said – I heard it! Of course, TJ ran off and cried. Again.
I went and asked if he would help me with Cherish, my lamb I got for my birthday. I totally ignored the fact that he was crying because TJ never has trouble talking to the animals – I hear him all the time.
When he taught me to ride last year, he talked perfect to Marey, the old horse Dad says I can ride with supersvisions. And TJ never has problems talking to me either – he’s the most patient person around here. And the best part? Even though he’s four years older, TJ ignores my twisted leg that hasn’t ever worked right. I know he must walk slower when I follow him around to help with the animals cuz I can keep up with him… and I usually can’t keep up with anybody!
Knock, knock.
“Come in.”
Mom and Dad have their serious parent faces on. Oh, dear. They look at each other and back at me.
“Sorry I lied.”  They nod and smile. Sort of.
“One question, Joelle.” That’s Dad’s kingly voice. “Tell me why you voted for” – he holds out the ballot – “this TJ. He’s no–”
I look him in the eye just like a Princess is supposed to. Proud. Confident.
“Because he’s my friend.”
Dad opens his mouth to speak, but Mom squeezes his arm, nods slightly at him, and turns to me.
“Thank you, Princess Joelle.” Smiling her proud mom smile, she winks at me as they leave.
Guess what? TJ and I are taking Marey to school tomorrow!


I voted writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story beginning with the words "I voted - " You can continue the sentence as you wish. Beyond the opening lines there are no rules. Maximum word count is 500 words.


Please note: chapterone (chaperone), experisense (experience), Manninger (Manager), and supersvisions (supervision), are purposefully misspelled here -- the whole story is an eight year old speaking! ;-)

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