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A chapter in the book An Angel in the Meadow

An Angel in the Meadow!

by Commando

Chapter 1 in the book "An Angel in the Meadow!"

Greetings, Friends!  

Cathy Waldron, aka, "Tootie," and me, Bill Bishop, aka, "Commando" are co-authors of this book.  We invite you to follow along chapter after chapter.  Your feedback and recommendations for improvement will be appreciated.  As always,  your thoughts matter to us.  Thank you for reading our work and God Bless.


Who are Angels?  Do they truly walk among us on Earth?  Cathy and I say, "You betcha!"  Others say, "They are just a figment of the imagination that only appear in fairy tales."  As you read along through the novel, give the following some thought: Do angels have wings to tug at our heartstrings?  We believe so, and as well, they make the world a better place to live and, remind us that human kindness does exist. Angels are everywhere. The Bible tells us, "Do not show hospitality to angels without knowing it" (Hebrews 13:2).  Again, Cathy and I truly believe that angels are around us this very moment. They were sent by God to guide us on Earth.  Having said this, we'll move onto "An Angel in the Meadow."  Hope to see you there.

~Special Note~
Space between words is due to our use of 'full justified formatting.
Italic Font used thrughout the book are words spoken by God or Jesus.

~About the Authors~

Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop, a co-author of  ''Love Long Distance'' and ''An Angel in the Meadow'' with Cathy Waldron, spent the earlier years of his life in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  After graduating from high school in Gatlinburg, he went on to attend Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville.  Entering the U.S. Air Force, he served 30-years of active duty, then retired to the Panhandle of Florida.  Afterward, he began working with: Joint Services Commando Advisory Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey; American Legion; Disabled American Veterans Organizations--both Local and National; and St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Bill is quick to say, "I love America, baseball, and apple pie."
Cathy Waldron
Cathy Waldron is a fiction author and a former newspaper reporter, columnist, photographer, realtor, and business broker.  Her debut novel, ''in Polyester Pajamas,'' won the New Hampshire Writers' Project 2013 and 2014 Readers' Choice Award for outstanding work of fiction.  Her second and third novels, ''in Woolen Bikinis'', and ''in Leather Chaps," were sequels to the first novel.  Together, they make up the Jean and Rosie series.  She is, also, the author of the Christmas novella, Music, Memories & LOVE.  All four books were published under her former name which was Catherine Dougherty.  Cathy is currently the President of  ''Give a Salute!'' --- a marketing and publishing company. Her office is located in Central New Hampshire, within the oldest, unaltered brick textile mill in the United States. Cathy is quick to say, ''Give a Salute!''
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Chapter 1

As I walked into the meadow, I felt angry with God.  Why had he taken Grandpa away from me so soon?  I stopped, spread my ol' wool blanket on the grass, sat down, wiped the salty tears from my eyes, then returned to my seventh Christmas...  

"Grandpa!  Why didn't Santa leave me a little red wagon under the tree?" I was determined to plead my case. "I worked hard picking cotton to earn extra money so I could buy him a big treat to eat. I knew he'd be hungry after carrying around all those presents for God's little angels.  I'm so disappointed; I wanna  cry." 

"Aw, Bret, big boys don't cry.  But if you just gotta, then go out behind the barn so no one will see you." 

"But,  I'm not a big boy, Grandpa.  I'm still a little one." 


Tick Tock goes the clock! Where did the years go?  Lying back on the blanket, I watched the beautiful monarch butterflies flying' high into the sky, then disappear as nighttime drew near.  Still there after dark, I saw thousands of fireflies light up the sky.  I closed my eyes and tried so hard to sleep, but could not. Instead, I continued to weep. 

"What am I doing here?  Please, God, send an angel down to help me--I'm lonely! Together, we can walk under brighter skies as we travel down the pathway to happiness.  Do you hear me, Father, do you... huh?"

"I'm always with you, don't you forget. Yes, I hear you, Bret.  Yet, it's going to take an angel who is an expert on human behavior because she must contend with your 'attention-seeking, dramatic way of speaking, rapid shifts in emotion, and self-centered personality.' Have faith in me, my son--I'm looking."   

Grandpa's words, "Aw, Bret, big boys don't cry," continued to ring like church bells in my ears. I remembered crystal clear the year before he joined God to help catch a heap of fish for all of his little angels.  Times were extremely hard back then, but we somehow managed to 'fill the cupboard with food, lamps with oil, stocking with treats, and our hearts with the Spirit of Christmas.' 

I finally fell asleep under the big bright stars, along with the sounds of nighttime creatures that hoot and howl in the meadow. Some of 'em even prowl, but God must've protected me. When I woke, the sky was clear, the sun was shining, but I was still so sad. 

"Are you still looking for that special someone, God?" I prayed.
"It's me, Bret!  I'm here under the willow tree nearby... and you can call me, Angel."

I couldn't believe my eyes! There she was only about ten feet away.

"Oh, my God!  Thank you, Father--she's beautiful."

"Just so you know, she is also a black belt in the martial arts, Bret.  Don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Aw, that's okay!  I'll just watch for her hands and feet.  Of course, I'd watch for more,  but, you'd get mad at me."

"I, as well, have an insatiable appetite for adventure and romance," Angel said.  She crooked her finger beckoning me.

"Although my name is Angel, don't be fooled by thinking I'm one who doesn't believe in having some fun. So, that being said, why don't we play 'Catch Me If You Can?'"

"Okay, Angel--YA, YA, YA," I said!  "Guess what?  When I catch you, and I will,  I'm gonna kiss you, too!"

"Oh, goody, goody! I'll let you do more than that. You betcha!"

"Oh my God!  Please, tell me, 'have I died and joined You up there? Or, am I dreaming that Angel has a way with that sway of hers down here?  Just look at her over there wiggling this way and that! My word, what a tease! Are you sure this is the Angel you want for me? Of course, You know, that I chase after any beautiful woman, who wears a skirt; but, she...well...she's a special one, ain't she?"'

"Ordinarily, I'd tell you to watch out for someone like that, but Angel is special, indeed! She's beautiful inside and out, and you will soon find that although she's a playful sort, she's, also, genuine and true.  She will love you with all of her heart.  However, every person has their cross to bear. Don't forget Bret, along with a great capacity to love comes a great sensitivity. She's not rough and rugged as you. Instead, she's as fragile as a butterfly. Her heart has been broken before and needs to mend. Please, take good care of her.  Do it not only for yourself but also for Me."

"Ready, Get Set, Go...Are you sure you're ready, Beautiful? You know, I can run faster than a squirrel up a tree, and you know as well, Angel, you don't stand a chance of outrunning me."

"Run, run, run, Angel!" Bret called to me.  Halfway across the meadow, he caught me, kissed my lips, and I felt Cupid's arrow pierce my heart.

"What a wonderful world I made in six days, Angel! Now, as I did on the seventh day, I'm going to sleep and rest," God whispered down!

Bret and I were exhausted from our run and lay down on the wool blanket. There was a chill in the air as we snuggled there, but our body-heat gave us a treat.

"Aw, my Darling!  Did you hear God say He was gonna sleep and rest?  So, why don't you and I be kinda naughty, but nice, and see if I can figure out how to unbutton the blouse you're wearing?"

"Hmm! It shouldn't be that hard, Honey, 'cause it only has three buttons.  So, what is taking you so long?  God will wake up and see us if you don't hurry along." 

And the lightin' flashed, while the thunder roared!
Sorry! Hope to see ya'll in chapter 2




Greetings, our friends! Chapters 1-9 of "Angel in the Meadow" were previously written, yet somehow lost. Cathy and I are writing "An Angel in the Meadow" from what we remember of the previous one plus our imaginations, etc. Cathy did an awesome creation of the cover. It shall be an honor having you follow along as we write this special love story chapter after chapter. We encourage and appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvements. Your thoughts matter to us. Best wishes wherever you are and God Bless. Respectfully with Admiration, Bill and Cathy.
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