Mystery and Crime Fiction posted August 15, 2019

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A man uses an illegal drug.

Wanted Drug Addict

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Jason Todd is wanted for the use of cocaine. The cops are trying to find him. He needs to turn himself in. They are looking for clues. He is disguising himself as a man in his fifties. He is using a false identity. His fake name is Dan Rogers. He is at an event. The cops are near an AIDS Fundraiser concert event. Jason is there. He throws out the drugs in a bunker in a dark alley.

Dan walks into the crowd carefully to get unnoticed. The rock band keeps playing to their fans. He follows along as if he's rocking with the music. Few cops scatter in the crowd looking for the cocaine addict. They didn't have any luck finding the wanted drug user. Jason watches them at the west side of the Manhattan area in New York. He feels concerned, guilty, and tries to run away from their sight. It was difficult for the authority to catch him and arrest him.

The cops ask several strangers if they saw him and no one did. They have an arrest warrant for Jason Todd. Jason walks away nervously. He finally gets out of the crowd. He is farther from the cops. He hides inside an apartment and starts using drugs again. He can't get enough of the stuff. He had to have more of it. It is elusive for him. It is his precious thing. A young lady saw him.

"What is your name?" She asked.
"Dan Rogers," Jason lied.
"It is nice to meet you! Do you live around here?" she asked.
"No, I'm just visiting a friend." He lied.

She watches something suspicious of him. It looks like he isn't telling the truth. The lady happens to be a police detective. But, she doesn't know who he is.

"Oh, I was just wondering. Do you have any clue where the wanted drug abuser Jason Todd might be?" She asked.
"I don't know. I haven't seen him around." Jason lied.
"Oh. Is that drug breath I am smelling on you?" she asked.
"No, those are just cigarettes." Jason lied.

Jason gets scared of her asking too many questions. But, she tries to frisk him. He punches her and runs away, but his make-up quickly dried up and falls. She chases him all over the concert. The police detective Sheryll keeps up with him. Once he tries to walk away out of the crowd he fails and trips into some fans. She goes to him and grabs him. She puts him in handcuffs and reads his Miranda rights. Her companion cops go to her.

"I see that you have found the cocaine addict. Should we report this to the police department?" The male cop asked.
"Yes, like we always do," she explained to him.
"Everything is fine now! Enjoy the rest of the concert, everyone!" Sheryll said to the crowd.

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