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A chapter in the book 2019 part 4

Who Will Be King?

by Barb Hensongispsaca

This was to be a special day -
they answered lion's call.
They ranged from elephants so large
to ants so very small.

The lion had a special speech
that he was going to say.
He wanted time just for himself
so planned a get away.

There was a problem he forsaw
about the leadership.
He needed someone smart and brave
to lead while on his trip.

The elephant said, 'I can do
because I don't forget.
And I am strong and brave and smart-
so you don't need to fret.'

The rhino said, 'Oh, no, no, no!
That choice will never do.
You'll worry all the time you're gone,
but I can see you through.'

They argued over who was right...
decided on a meet.
The winner would then fill the spot
and hold the lion's seat.

There was a little tug of war,
a show of strength and might.
They rolled in mud and water, too,
it really was a sight.

Since neither one would give an inch
it was declared a tie.
There were some questions lion asked
and neither one could lie.

They answered all the questions right,
another tie declared.
Then bravery was just ruled out...
on that they both were pared.

The rhino and the elephant
both, to the lion said,
'Your spot is too important so
pick someone else instead.'

'Oh dear, oh dear, what do I do',
the lion thought out loud.
A little ant came forward then
and as he did he bowed.

'Oh mighty King of all the beasts,
I have a plan for you.
Why don't you put them both in charge
to do what you still do.

They have all the requirements
and want the very best,
you see they'd even step aside.
We feel they passed the test.'

The lion got a great big smile,
'I do believe you're right.
You both will rule while I am gone,
so keep my kingdom tight.

Your strength and wisdom compliment
each other in all ways.
I'll be down at the wat'ring hole,
I'll see you in four days!'

Bob one oldreb thank you for permission to use your picture.
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