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War ( Love Letter)

Polished boots

by zanya

War Contest Winner 

June 2 1944
My dearest Isobel,
They told us we could write one last letter tonight. Some of the men couldn't face the prospect, stirring up memories. But darling Isobel, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to connect with you, love of my life.

Great secrecy surrounds our movements. Never been on such a high stakes mission before. Guess this war has dragged on for far too long, nearly five years. Who knows what's really going on?

Just given my boots one final polish. Brigadier Smith is apoplectic at the sight of unpolished army boots. Tomorrow when we face our foe, across enemy lines, the shine on our boots won't matter much, won't stop the shells exploding or the limbs being blown off.

Don't want to be too morbid, though, Isobel. Remember my dad's army boots standing upright in our porch. 'Sentinels', you used to call them jokingly and salute them as you came in the door. Father polished them every day till he drew his last breath, though war left him with only one leg. Remember how Mother, helping him with his crutches used to scoff at the idea,' What bloody rubbish..shiny boots to shed blood!'

Isobel, some of the men are already snoring. I envy them. Shuteye will elude me tonight. Tomorrow we have no idea what lies ahead. I hear cats snarling and hissing in the streets below. Soon our deadly enemy will be snarling and hisssing at dawn tomorrow.

Mustn't be downhearted though. We are fighting for our country and our families. With any luck, our two- year- old, Jasper, will never have to don an army uniform.
Humans might come to their senses before he is of age. Fat chance of that, I hear you say. With a pop and a grandad in the forces, army blood probably  flows in his young veins already.  Isobel, you always say his blue eyes shine just like grandad's, full of mischief and laughter.
That memory will help to keep my spirits up when the going gets tough. Don't forget to give him his toy soldier on his birthday next week !

My beloved Isobel, I finish here..lights out time and sergeant's hobnail boots are patrolling.

I love you my dearest soulmate, Isobel, and my heart breaks to be away from you and Jasper.
A thousand kisses to you both.
When you kneel beside your bed tonight, say a special prayer for my men and me and our safety

Your ever- loving husband, Edward.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Writing Prompt
Write a story where a character is in war or is about to be in war. Fiction or non-fiction.

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