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A young boy is taken captive

A chapter in the book Captivity of Caleb

Captivity Of Caleb 2

by light

This story takes place about 589bce.The southern kingdom of Israel is taken captive by Babylon.

All About Isaac

The next evening after dinner Nathan motioned for Caleb to sit again with him in front of the fire and learn more about his family history. Believing that the Babylonian attack was eminent, Nathan feared that he would not have enough time to tell Caleb all he needed to know.

"Caleb, do you remember what I told you about Abraham and that he finally had a son?"

"Yes, Saba I remember."

"Well, he named his son Isaac which means laughter, because Sarah laughed when she heard that in her old age, she was going to have a son."

"When Isaac was older God told Abraham to take his son, Isaac up to Mount Moriah and sacrifice him."

"How old was Isaac?" Caleb asked.

"We are not told his exact age, but we can assume that he was old enough to carry the wood up the mountain. I would say he was at least 12."

"Isn't Mount Moriah where our temple is? And Saba I thought it was wrong to sacrifice children," Caleb said with a frightened look on his face.

"This is what is called, "a shadow picture".

"A what?"

"A shadow picture is when YeHoVaH uses an example to show something that is going to happen in the future."

"When they reached the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, God spoke to Abraham and told him he would supply the sacrifice. Then Abraham saw there was a ram caught in the thicket."

"You understand that we sacrifice animals because of our great sin. Someday there will be a great sacrifice that will take away the sin of the world."

"So, Abraham didn't have to sacrifice Isaac?"

"No because YeHoVaH supplied the ram that was caught in the thicket."

"I understand." Caleb said. "But we still sacrifice animals at the temple," he added.

"Yes, YeHoVaH has not yet supplied the great sacrifice promised by Moses," Nathan answered.

Caleb sat next to his grandfather and waited while he put another log on the fire.

"Saba exactly what is the Torah?" Caleb asked.

"The Torah is simple instructions given by YeHoVaH to Moses."

"When did YeHoVaH give Moses the Torah?"

Nathan took a deep breath and shook his head. This was not going as planned. He liked to keep things in order. He wanted to tell the family history in chronological order. But Caleb had so many questions, and if he didn't answer the question now, he might not be that interested later. Finally, he said, "You know who Moshe is don't you?"

"Yes, you tell that story every year at Passover."

"When Moshe led the Israelites out of Egypt, they went to Midian where YeHoVaH first spoke to Moshe from the burning bush. Midian is in Arabia. Then YeHoVaH asked Moshe to go up to Mount Sinai. It was there that God gave Moshe the instructions. The finger of YeHoVaH wrote the instructions on stone tables, and later Moshe wrote them on a scroll."

"Where is it now?" Caleb asked.

"YeHoVah gave Moshe directions to build a box in which to keep the stone tablets. Because the Israelites agreed to follow the instruction, when Moshe read them aloud. It was called a Covenant, and the box, which was overlaid with gold, and hosted two cherubim was called an ark. So, this is known as "The Ark of The Covenant."

"Where is The Ark of the Covenant now?"

"It is kept in a special room in the temple separated by a blue curtain."

"I have seen that curtain. It is called The Holy of Holies, and only the high priest can go in there once a year on Yom Kipper. Is it The Ark of the Covenant that makes that room holy?"

"Yes, Caleb. Now let us get back to our lesson."

"Do you remember the promise YeHoVaH made to Abraham and Isaac Caleb?"

Yes, he said he would multiply his seed like the sand of the earth." Caleb replied proudly.

"That's right. Well, to do that Isaac must find a wife. Tonight, I will tell you the story of Isaac and Rebekah. "

"Saba what happened to Ishmael the son of the Egyptian woman?" Caleb asked.

I'm glad you asked because that is an important question," Nathan said, trying to decide the best way to explain the situation.

"When Isaac was born Sarah asked Abraham to send Hagar and her son away because she was afraid Ishmael would take Isaac's inheritance."

"Was that right because wasn't its Sarah's idea for Hager to have a child and didn't Abraham love Ishmael too? And where did he go?" Caleb asked.
Nathan had not expected such questions from such a young child, but he was determined to answer them honestly.

"The truth is that Abraham did not want to do this but, God told him whatever Sarah tells you to do you should do because Isaac's children are chosen for this certain calling. but He also told him that He would make a great nation from Ishmael because he was a child of Abraham. So, Abraham gave bread and a skin of water to Hagar and sent her and the boy away.
Hagar wondered in the wilderness of Beersheba, but soon the bread and water was gone, and Hagar became extremely agitated and worried. She did not know what she was going to do. Hagar put Ishmael under one of the shrubs because she could not watch him die."

"But, Saba if Ishmael died, how would he become a great nation?"

"That's not the end of the story, Caleb. Hagar just wept and waited. And Ishmael also cried and finally YeHoVaH sent a messenger to tell Hagar, 'Do not fear, for YeHoVaH has heard the voice of the boy. Arise, lift up your boy and hold him with your hand, for YeHoVaH will make a great nation of him.'
"Then Hagar turned and was surprised to see a well of water and she filled the skin with water and gave Ishmael to drink.

Hagar and Ishmael lived in the wilderness of Paran. When Ishmael was old enough Hagar found an Egyptian wife for him and as YeHoVaH promised, Ishmael produced a great nation.
I think we will learn about Isaac and Rebecca tomorrow. It is getting late."

Additional information

Jacob was one of the sons of Isaac who was the only son of Abraham and Sarah. He had twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel. God (YeHoVaH) changed Jacob's name to Israel.
There is no J sound or vowels in Hebrew. Vowel points, a series of dots and dashes are used under the letters to form the phonetic sounds. YHVH is the name of God. It is pronounced, YeHoVaH. Also, there was no J sound in the English language until six hundred years ago.
By 600 BCE the Israelites had become a very sinful people. King Solomon reigned over the entire kingdom for forty years. He was known as the wisest man who ever lived, but he disobeyed God and married seven hundred women and allowed them to bring their idols into the Temple of YHVH. Soon after that the glory of God left the Temple and the nation began to decline. After the death of King
Solomon about 930 BCE, the nation of Israel split into the Northern and Southern kingdoms.
The tribes of Judah and Benjamin with a sprinkling of Levites made up the Southern kingdom. The remaining ten tribes became the Northern Kingdom.
Because the Northern Kingdom was so prideful GOD allowed them to be taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 BCE. Today Assyria might consist of Northern Iraq, Southeastern Turkey, and Northern Syria.
The Southern Kingdom would be Israel today. It took several years for Babylon, which was known as Persia and today is Iran, to capture the southern Kingdom. Because they had a righteous King, Josiah, YeHoVaH gave them an extra fifty years, but they still could not give up their paganism.

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