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INFP: Introvert Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

Personally Speaking

by LisaMay

The Real You Contest Winner 
I avoid anger and confrontation. 
Others wonder why in tarnation
I don’t do what they want me to do 
and to think like they do, too.
I often feel what’s right for me is best,
but they’d rather fight and make it a contest.
So I turn and run to find my own gentler fun
which is often solitary, because I have got wary
of the negativity which is sometimes aimed at me.
I just don’t fit. I am aware of it.
I’m a seeker on a quest, wearing my armoured vest.
I’ve known from the start that I live in a world apart –
immersed in heart and art I feel different.
But I didn’t know what it meant, whether heaven-sent
or me just making a pain, with little apparent gain, for myself.
With no great need for wealth and a rich inner mental health
to others’ consternation I self-impose isolation.
For rejuvenation I respond to stimulation.
I need to experience it, every single little bit, 
and then go find some more.
In the face of beauty I can stand in utter awe.
 I have a fascination for revelation and often feel elation. 
When I pause to admire a view, it does something to renew
a hidden goal to touch my soul.
Unfortunately, procrastination is a damnation
but that just means there is a great long queue 
of other more interesting things to do.
Especially when it comes to declutter – I just mutter
and begin a new thing, a new thrill to bring a fresh zing.
I wonder why compassion is so out of fashion.
When I come out of my shell, I can give the world hell.
I want to put to rights injustice and neglect.
When I suspect that someone else is a reject
I try to understand and I offer them my hand. 
For causes close to my heart, I’ll get involved and play a part. 
I’ll stand up and be counted when protests are mounted.
When nature is under attack, I’m perplexed by what others lack
when they don’t seem to care and stand back.
I’ll wear my unmatched socks, and when people throw rocks
I’ll unpick my prison locks and escape outside the box,
because I know what to do to keep my life true.
Now please leave me alone, 
I want to go home and write a poem.
I embrace my creativity with individuality
for my world is full of endless possibility.
But come with me too, if you’re a lame duck.
You’re in luck – 
I care about those who come unstuck
and I never pass the buck.


The Real You
Contest Winner

Author's Note:

When I did the Myers-Briggs personality profile test recently in preparation for writing this poem, I was rather shocked by its apparent accuracy (as far as my own awareness of myself goes). The test showed that I have a tendency for: Introversion over Extraversion; Intuition over Sensing; Perceiving over Judging.

Apparently (and I am quoting here), an INFP personality cares deeply about other people. INFPs are unique individuals with a rare set of abilities - including the power to masterfully understand emotion and the human experience. At their best, INFPs bring emotional healing to others and inspire incredible change in the world. INFPs are also rare, making up about 4 to 5 percent of the population. Creative and unique, INFPs are called 'mediators' and 'creative seekers'. Living a conventional, routine life isn't enough for them. They dream of something more. Henry David Thoreau, who was thought to have been an INFP, wrote in Walden, "I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life." This quote speaks to the INFP's desires on the deepest level.

For INFPs, "when it doesn't matter, it does't matter. But when it matters... it matters big."

Some famous INFPs include: Joan of Arc, William Shakespeare, Helen Keller, Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, Tori Amos, and even Isabel Briggs Myers herself (creator of the original source of the Myers-Briggs personality profile).

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