Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted July 28, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
Our bodies contain a high percentage of water.

This Body Of Water

by LisaMay

This is about our H2O – here we are, all good to go.

We need water to survive: 
it keeps us alive – on it we do thrive.
I’m sure you get my drift. Water’s such a precious gift.

This body is mysterious, amazing, delirious!
So, let me count the ways I do love you,
with a nod to the powers above you,
the One who created your complexity and diversity.
Let me count the special features
that we share with other creatures.

In amniotic fluid a seminal embryo will grow and grow.
I could give you a lecture on cell structure,
then there’s blood, lymph, plasma, and marrow too.
Think of the brain and heart: how wonderful thou art,
and lungs, liver and kidneys too, contain a lot of icky goo; 
and also our jelly eyes – I guess that’s no surprise. 

Water helps to keep my shape; 
without it, skin would merely drape across my bones.
Look at old geezers and old crones without their moisturiser 
(if only they’d been wiser in their youth).

This body means a lot to me, and I’m sure you will agree
that without water we would be
nothing special at all, we wouldn’t even crawl
onto the land. We’d stay specks of sand.
The creation of our parts shows such sacred, holy arts.
Praise the Lord and pass the water.

I know you should, you ought’a – 
excrete through urination, defecation and perspiration.
Now we’re down to the nitty-gritty, but the main itty-bitty
news is that water is life: consternation would be rife
without our H2O – we would be zero.

We began in water and we’ll end in it too:
the tears on someone’s face, when they’re mourning you.
I rest my case.


Healing waters writing prompt entry
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