Humor Poetry posted July 21, 2019

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I Learned It Reading Comic Books

by Earl Corp

I get funny looks ,
Because I read comic books,
It started when I was a kid,
Now it's thought a skid.

Many things I'd yearn,
From only comics I'd learn,
Comics gave me an escape,
My thoughts they'd reshape,

Superman had X-ray sight,
Could only be hurt by Kryptonite,
Truth, Justice, and the American Way,
He lived honesty and fair play,

Batman fought Penguin, Riddler and Joker,
No gun, not even a super soaker,
Had a sidekick named Robin,
When he died Batman was sobbin',

Without Sergeants Fury and Rock,
Germany would've won in a walk,
For some this may vex,
My cowboy hero was Jonah Hex,

First I was stuck,
I only read Donald Duck,
I started Mickey Mouse,
Dad said not in my house,

One I still read daily,
Is foul up Beetle Bailey,
Sarge gave absolutely no slack,
To perennial Private Sad Sack,

This should give you a glimpse,
Comics aren't just for shrimps,
My tale is now through,
Now how about you?

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