Spiritual Fiction posted July 18, 2019

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166 word spiritual fiction. Please read Author's Notes


by Alcreator Litt Dear

Please read Author's Notes before writing a review; Justice is not a legal term here; read freely, enjoy tough matter easily; nothing legal, mostly fictional
"Father, does man get justice to, for or of his act, action or activity?" son Daniel asked his father, Samuel.

"An act, action or activity, whether it is public or deems to be public, or deems to be non-personal or not, whether justice is sought for or not, every act, action or activity has its reaction or effect or result or consequence or justice, whether we ask, demand, need or expect it or not, if it affects anyone other than the doer, it comes out or will have a natural effect in consequence, whether doer comes to know it or not, whether the doer gets or enjoys the reward or not, or whether the doer suffers punishment for his act or not, whether others suffer consequence or performance result or effect of the act in his life or not, truth reveals today or tomorrow; sometimes truth or fact is recorded in human history; God controls this for mortal man of this world," father Samuel told Daniel.



Enjoy this fiction expressed in my own art and style of expression

To achieve purposes, I have expressed the last paragraph, in legal parlance, in larger sentences, to express facts expressively, in order to give clarity of matter in expression

This is not a legal essay, or legal document, legal article, or legal note

I understand this work is neither a pure fiction nor a pure non-fiction

This is a partly fictional work as I have tried to express the tough subject in a fictional order of expression for appreciation of the essence of the subject

For clarity, emphasis and true appreciation, repetition has been necessary, expression has been in term and within the spirit of my art and style of expression, in a fictional spirit to make the subject interesting, purposively and meaningfully

Truly, God does not write for man, I have endeavoured to express facts imaginatively and fictionally

God is religion free; this does not promote or canvass any specific or particular religion; this does not hurt anyone belongs to any known or unknown, recognised or unrecognised religion, religious faith or belief

Thank you for reading and reviewing

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