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Part 2.

Pug & I Continued

by Maria Jose Garcia

NOTE. This is the second and last part of a story I posted yesterday.

I had my next idea as we left the supermarket that same day. A young woman with an ugly-looking kid in tow (yes, kids can be ugly) stopped by Pug.

'Can I pet him?'

'Of course.'

To do so, she put her shopping and handbag on the floor. How can people be so careless? It's a provocation.

First, I took a packet of biscuits and hid it behind my back. But then, I thought it would be a waste not to try something more daring.

'What a beautiful little guy you are!' she was saying to Pug.

Her face was sweet and when she smiled her cheeks dimpled. I quite liked her... But that didn't stop me from putting my hand into her bag and taking out her wallet.

'Nice meeting you,' I said. 'I'm afraid we have to go now. Pug has to eat his dinner.'

'I hope to see you around another day,' she said.

'Not if I see you first,' I answered.

She laughed, thinking it was a joke. It wasn't though...

After a while, the wallets became boring and too easy. I needed something more challenging.

And that's when I came up with the idea. What about kidnapping a dog and then asking for ransom?

I knew who our first victim was going to be.

My boss had a horrible mutt whose mission was supposedly to guard the store. However, he was so stupid I was sure a thief would be able to walk in front of him carrying all our windscreen wiper supplies and he wouldn't even bark. To top it all, his name was Candy Floss.

Everything was ready for Friday. After the boss left the store at five thirty, I wrote a threatening ransom note on a piece of wrapping paper, tied a rope around CF's neck and took him home.

My demands were modest. I only asked for five hundred dollars and fifty hubcaps to sell them on the black market.

I was so excited I decided to celebrate in advance. I shared a hamburger with Pug and, as I felt sorry for Candy Floss, I gave him some chips.

On Monday, when I arrived at the store, my boss was already there. He didn't look worried in the least. He even smiled at me, which he didn't do very often.

At eleven, he told me he had to take care of a shipment and would be back in an hour.

After he left, I saw a brownish envelope propped against the till. It had my name on it.
I opened it and read the short note inside.

Dear Lily,

I know you have Candy Floss. I also know about your other scams.

You can keep the dog for all I care, he's not much use to me.

And, by the way, you are fired.



I left the shop and walked towards the town centre. I wasn't worried. I had already cooked up a plan to rob the bank...


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