Spiritual Fiction posted July 13, 2019

Read Author's Note. God is Good, even when you don't feel it

God Only Does Good

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Please read the Author's Notes; God is Good, even when life is not; God only does good all the time

"God is good all the time, father, you say so. Why God has turned our good land into sand land overnight?" Daniel asked his father, Samuel.

"My son, you know, God is Almighty, Omniscient, Creator and Owner of this infinite universe; He does good all the time, everywhere, every time, and at the right time. We desperately forget God and His Words, and often we do whatever we please to; we are not entitled to challenge His deeds as He did last night. We are free to use His Gifts rightly, but we are not free to misuse, wrong or improper use of God's Gifts and Creations for our own selfish interests, and we are not free to live or act everything for living as we plan, wish, desire, please and want selfishly." Father Samuel told his son, Daniel.

"What good has God done last night, why and how?" Daniel asked.

"Listen to me, my son, God has seen how we have misused His Gifts, Natural and other resources and caused imbalance in Nature by producing diverse nature of pollution, and surprisingly, you know, we have changed our environment by our selfish, inhuman, wrong and improper use of God's gifted resources and creations; interestingly, we pose ourselves as gods and owners of this world; forget not, God has right to protect His Gifts, resources and creations; praise God for teaching us a good lesson, thank God for His good act with provision for resources accordingly." Daniel said.


Enjoy this fiction in my own art and style of expression

Title means it is only God who does good, God is Good so God only does good (G od O nly D oes Good)

Repetition is intentional for giving emphasis on the subject

Use of synonyms are intentional for giving you interest and appreciation of the subject

For those who do not believe in God or those who have no faith in God, for them; God is God, God does good as God, God does not act like man, God never act like man because man is a God's creation, God does God's own duties

For those who do not understand God's acts and man's acts, actions, or activities done, committed, performed or activated in the name of God or by the name of God are man's activities and not God's activities, because God does not do any act like man, for God is divine, man is mortal, God is the creator of man, God is immortal, man is mortal, God is Good and God only does good

God is religion free

This does not hurt anyone belongs to any religion

This does not promote or canvass any specific, particular or known religion, religious faith, religious philosophy, and religious scripture

This has no concern with any known, recognised, unrecognised or published creed, culture, convention, religious act, faith or belief in God or about God's acts

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