Horror and Thriller Fiction posted July 13, 2019

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A short horror story

The Awakeners

by Angie Dent

That's how they get in.
Through a gap in the curtains. Even the tiniest crack.

They watch you slyly as you sleep.
Slowly creeping closer.
Biding their time.

And then ... WHOOSH!

They seep in through your closed eyelids. Igniting the neurons in your brain.
Jolting you mercilessly from your peaceful slumber.

Suddenly, you're wide awake.
Bolt upright. Eyes wide open. Heart racing. Confused.
Wondering what on earth happened.

Until you notice the gap in the curtains...

80 Word Flash Fiction contest entry

I wrote this after waking up to a gap in the curtains. I had been on a course the day before and learnt about the Maori legend of Maui and the Sun. In the story, Maui pulled the sun towards the earth to allow more daylight hours. In reality, the story goes that Maui had scientifically worked out the sun's pathway across the year and how the length of days change. So my story could be either supernatural or just the daylight seeping in!
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