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Erroneous perception escalated by circumstances.

Abrupt Conclusion

by Rhonda Allan

"Goodnight, ladies," Jimmy said, as he and his crew meandered out.
"Have you ever seen that guy before, Jan?"
"I presume you mean the fellow in the corner?"
"Yes -- he's the only one left here," I said.
"Never have."
"Did he run a tab?"
"Nope paid cash."

Just then, the man stood up. It was impossible not to notice his enormous stature, nearing 7 feet tall. His dark skin emerged like a shadow from the dim corner. Pale green eyes stood out in contrast. Peculiarly dressed, reminiscent of a genie, he wore baggie-legged pants tightly belted at the waist with a ribbed tank, layered by a vest. His long, kinky hair, was pulled back into a low ponytail, fully exposing the deep scar that ran down the entire length of his face.

He walked to the restroom.

"Something seems creepy about him. We have a pretty upscale crowd in here, for bar folk anyway. I'm getting an uneasy feeling."

"You mean because he's black? Because he was the only black person in here tonight?" Jan said. Before I could explain, her eyes shifted to the bar, and she nodded her head in that direction. I turned around to see the man had taken a seat at the bar.

"Better go see what he needs. It's about closing time," Jan said. Which, created even more suspicion.

"What can I get you?" I asked.
"How about one more, the special. I know you're closing up soon," the man said in a pleasant voice.
"Yeah, it's about that time," I replied, hoping the man would down the drink and quickly leave.

Shying with uneasiness, I sat the drink down and began walking towards the other end of the bar. Jittery as I tried not to stare, but I wanted to remain alert, in case my instincts were correct.

"The band tonight was phenomenal," he said. "Do they play every week?"
"They're our regular Thursday night gig," I replied.
"My gang told me I should check 'em out."

Gang? My thoughts raced as I felt my body stiffen.

"What radio station do you listen to?" he asked.
"Uhhh," I paused.
"Do you ever listen to WXML?"
"Yeah, every morning when I take my kids to school," I answered.
"You've probably heard me then, Sonny Spencer."
Stupefied, I mumbled, "You are...Sonny Spencer, from the XML Morning Show?"
"Yep, that's me."

Utterly starstruck, I was wallowing in shame over my thoughts and ignorant actions.

"How about I give you a shout out on the show in the morning?" he said. "Be listening at 7:30."
"Wow, you would do that?" My face instinctively lit up with a smile.
"Sure, but you have to tell me your name," he said with a grin.

As Sonny left, Jimmy walked back in.
"I forgot my hat."
Looking at me puzzled, "Hey, what's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost."

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