Spiritual Fiction posted July 11, 2019

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A 24 Line Fiction; God takes our tests, teaches us life

God Teaches Us Living!

by Alcreator Litt Dear

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"God only can do anything, anywhere, sometimes, you see!" Samuel told Daniel.

"And this is no miracle of Nature, but a deed of God," Samuel continued saying.

"But, why did this disaster cause upon, I mean, or happen with or at our land overnight?" Daniel asked his father.

"God teaches us value of life and ways He likes and plans for our living," Samuel told his disciple, learner and son.

"What did God teach us by turning our arable land into a desert or sand land overnight?" Daniel asked his guru, teacher and father.

"We misuse and waste plenty of water, a precious gift from God at random," father and teacher illustrated.

"What is the lesson from God and why does He teach us living?" son and learner Daniel asked.

"Water is priceless resource. We should learn value of each drop of water. Water, in this village of ours, is scarce nowadays; you are well aware, God has saved the river of our village, though, it flows along the edge of our village, and God teaches us living for God creates man, the infinite Universe, resources, things, and lives and He loves and cares to save His own Creations so," Samuel explained God's lesson.

"I understand, sometimes necessarily, God teaches us living our lives in His wise way for He loves and saves His Creations," Daniel appreciably said.

"Where are you going son, carrying the buckets in your hand?" father asked.

"Father, I am going to fetch life from the river to home," Daniel replied.

"You see father, my mother, our wounded pet animals, and our pet Indian bird are crying for their lives," Daniel continued.

"Son, go safe and return home fetching life before evening," father advised.




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