Humor Poetry posted July 11, 2019

This work has reached the exceptional level
When you have, no idea; at all.

A Comma , or a Semi-colon ;

by Roxanna Andrews

At punctuation, I am the worst.
I think I may have a 'Punctuation Curse'.

I'm told it comes from ancient Egyptian days,
when writing on walls was all the craze.

It seems someone forgot to use a comma,
and was promptly turned into a purple Llama.

Never again could she use proper punctuation.
Oh, she tried, using semi-colons; and periods after abbreviations.

But it was always in the wrong place or it just didn't belong.
Maybe forgotten altogether; she always got it wrong.

Soon she wasn't allowed on Egyptian FanStory.
Told by the creator, "You'll never know glory!"

Off on her own, the poor purple Llama went;
and cried her eyes out until she was spent.

But one day she would show them all!
What she did next almost caused a brawl.

She invented a type of poetry that needed no punctuation.
And she read it out loud at her college graduation.

There were no commas periods semi-colons No italicized thoughts quote marks or dashes
No punctuation of any kind causing what the reviewers called Sentences Clashes

"And your meter!" screamed the Dean, "It's all over the place!
Leave here now, never again show your face!"

The girl, now a purple Llama, cared not a bit.
A publisher had discovered her work; felt it had merit.

Her poetry book soon became a best seller.
And now she's said by all to be 'Stellar.'
The Llama had the last laugh; all the way to the bank.
She has her publisher, agent and fans to thank.

So, remember, when you see a purple Llama;
there's bound to be a bit of drama.

You may just hear people exclaiming, with mirth,
"There goes another, 'Punctuation Curse'."

But who knows, in bookstores they may be first.


Just a little punctuation humor. =} I do very much appreciate all the help I get, I just wish I didn't need so much. I'm feeling very purple. =}

Llamas are very social animals, so you can understand why she would cry her eyes out when banished. They can reach heights of 5 ft. 11 in. and weight up to 440lbs. So she could have just stomped those mean peoples little heads in. =}
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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