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Pons and Ned meet at a hypnotist act.

Scene at a Hypnotist Act Part 1

by Bill Schott

Pons and Ned get tickets to a comedy show and are sitting in the front row.  A trained hypnotist is entertaining the audience with examples of directed suggestion.

Pons: I've heard great things about Mister Hypno, Ned.

Ned: I heard he hippo-dices folks sos they dun eat  s'much. Guess if I looked like a hippo I'd trot right down here. Since I dun look like no hippo, I caint say I need his hep.

Pons: He HYP-notizes people, Ned. Then he gives them suggestions that they feel compelled to follow through on.

Ned: Like talkin' like a duck er howlin' like a hound dog?

Pons: Sure -- maybe.

Ned: Well I kin do both them thins now. Quack quack quack quack!

Pons: Okay, Ned. Calm down. No need to --

Begins howling.  

Pons: He's starting, Ned. Let's listen.

Mister Hypno (Hyp): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our performance. I will need four volunteers from the audience.

Ned: Go fer it, Pons. Maybe he kin hep ya git them stubborn love handlers off.

Pons: I'll go if you do, Ned.

Ned: Well hell fire, Cuz. Let's do it!

The two join another man and woman on stage, sitting in four chairs and facing the audience. 

Hyp: Terrific! Let's do a quick check to see if all of you are susceptable to suggestion.

Pons: I'm pretty strong willed, Mister Hy--

Waving his hand over Pons face and snapping his fingers.  You are asleep.  Pons closes his eyes.
He then goes to the woman, Anna, and the man, Andy, and does the same thing with the same resullts.

Ned: Observing.  Looks like you curred these folkes inslombeah. Ain't they gonna miss yer hippo-dicin' act now?

Hyp: They are in an induced sleep, sir. They await my commands. Mine is the only voice they can hear.

Ned: Yer the only one I hear too. I ain't even hippo--

Hyp:  You are asleep. 
Ned closes his eyes. Hypno moves to Pons.  Pons, your friend Ned smells so good. You cannot resist his scent. Move closer and smell him. Awake.  Pons opens his eyes, stands, and walks over to where Ned is sitting and begins sniffing him.

Hyp: Pons, go to sleep, but remember how good Ned smells.  Turning to Ned. Ned. Ned opens his eyes.

HypNed, Pons smells awful. If he moves closer to you, you must move away. He is so foul smelling. Ned and Pons, awake.

Both open their eyes and begin moving towards and away as they circle the stage.

Ned: C'mon, Pons. Give a feller a break. You smell like a walkin' septrick tank.

Pons: I can't get enough of your aroma, Ned. I must smell you.

Ned: Smell yerself, cuz. That'll put yer nosedrills right outta the sniffin' biz'ness.

Hyp:  Thank you, gentlemen. Return to your seats and sleep.

Pons: Can I sit next to you, Ned?

Ned: Take a show'r and then another couple and then no ya can't.
Both go back to sleep. 

To be continued...


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