Fantasy Fiction posted June 29, 2019

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by Rikki66

His name was Robert Wayne Roberts, a former Marine sniper. He had tried to join the Seals late nineteen sixty-two but washed out on psychological testing. He was then recruited by the C.I.A. For covert actions in southeast Asia and South America. At the time of his death, he had thirty-one confirmed kills including the President of the United States.

"Yes, director. Johnson"

"Heard you were injured on your last mission."

Roberts rubbing his shoulder, "Nothing sir, just a flesh wound."

The director throws a folder across the desk, "Are you ready for the most secret most important task you have ever been assigned. So, secret it can never be spoken of outside of this office. A mission you will deny to the point of death."

'Damn who am I killing, the Vice President.?"

"Not LBJ but JFK the man himself. The Man is going to do a draw down and leave Southeast Asia to their own devices. We cannot abide that. Communism will be the order of the day."

Roberts looks at the folder, puts it back on the desk, "What does it matter, gooks and chinks killing gooks and chinks. They commies got Cuba and it made no difference, what difference will this make?"

The director lights a cigarette offers one to Roberts, who shakes his head no. "Roberts, we cannot allow the reds to take control of Vietnam, then Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, then Korea and Japan. Like a row dominoes."

Roberts considers his response, "Don't mean a thing to me, only them boys that gonna die unnecessarily."

The director picks up the folder, "Do, you accept the assignment or not?"

"Sir, I am a company man, ya'll know better than I do, what's the plan."


On a grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, Roberts stands between two men in trench coats each holding movie cameras. One focused on the crowd the other on the motorcade just entering the plaza. Roberts took preliminary aim with his special made sniper rifle. His target was just coming into range when a shot rang out and the President grabbed his throat. In an instant, Roberts fired hitting the target above the right eye blowing the skull apart.

"Let's go, Who the hell fired that first shot?" Roberts spoke over the din and clamor that was progressing in the plaza, cars speeding, sirens blaring the three turned walked a short distance to a waiting government car. The car sped away.

"Done?" The drive asks.

"Done. There was another shooter fired first I did thee kill shot. Roberts answers.

The men rode in silence until they were well out of Dallas. They were slowing to pull into a rest area....
"Though the assignation of President Kennedy, leads the new this November day there was other news, C.I.A, Director Roland Johnson drowned in a swimming accident and closer to home Texas Highway Patrol reports a car exploded and burned in a rest area near the Texas Louisiana border killing four unidentified occupants

Just questing from looking at autopsy photos.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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