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A Prayer to God. Please Read Author's Notes.

God Make Me A Dumb Man

by Alcreator Litt Dear

A Prayer and Appeal to God and Confession before God.
OMG! Please accept my prayer, consider my appeal, and listen to my confession.

You see what I do from the core of my heart and from my little brain in and around back part of my head.

Please grant my prayer with appeal following my true confession first ever, and accord to my favour at par with your exclusive power and grace me with a physical change in my body to make me a dumb man.

I humbly continue to say, for sure, it is evident to you, you are aware of, I have no poor intention, ill-will, or objective, I say truly, I do this act in exercise of my right and freedom you offered to man, or you have given men to live on your gifted land of your infinite Creation.

O Creator, the sole authority of this universe, please do me a favour and help me enjoy living on this surface at par with the effect you cause me to a life of a dumb man.

Once again, heartily, I express my gratitude to you, and humbly, I state we are grateful to you for all the gifts, resources and lives, and for the gift of entity of my life, a family, a parent given name, a home, a land, a country on your gifted earth, we call it our world, within the infinite space of your most appropriately created enormous universe.

In term of your unconditional love, I would continue to do like this, if needed, and pray every day, daily and regularly, even after being a dumb man, till I breathe my last mortally on this beautiful world, where you, too, breathe immortally and live eternally as God.

I do swear by your name, and make and speak my confession first ever before you and your court.

O Omniscient Father, as you are aware of the facts and figures as to how many wars, battles, riots, tussles, conflicts and controversies caused to rise so far as a result of making my unrighteous, foolish and haughty act of speaking of words expressing differences of my opinions, views, viewpoints, points of differences and controversies.

You are aware of the facts as to how many abusive, false, fake and distorted words and lies I told and how many filthy languages, derogatory alphas I have uttered.

And you know the facts of how many criticisms and comments I have spoken of and spelled.

As you are aware of the facts of how many foul lectures I have delivered, and how many words I have spoken wrongly, incorrectly, inhumanely, impolitely, partially, and assumingly.

You are fully aware of the facts as to how many fake news I have broken, promoted, canvassed and spoken of and how much truths I have distorted, refused and denied of, and how many promises I have refused and failed to keep.

You know the facts that how many words I have spoken of for back-biting others.

You are aware of the facts that how many whimsical, deliberate, double-standard, foul, barbarous, uncivil, savage, impolite and unjustifiable words that I have spoken of formally and informally.

You know the facts that how many lies I have told in chit-chats, gossips, small talks, rumours, idle talks and how many false philosophies I have spread, promoted, preached, spelled and uttered.

O Father, you know the facts as to how many killings and deaths caused and caused to happen as a result of my haughty, hard, harsh, foul, false and abusive words that I have spoken elsewhere, across this world.

You know as to how many crimes and criminal activities, offensive acts, actions or activities have been caused, happened, made, done, or caused to happen and occur, motivated and influenced by my words, or in fruition of my words spoken, uttered and spelled, directly or indirectly.

I wait for your judicious action.



OMG = O My God

This is an imaginary work

This work has some of my personal experiences

This is expressed a little fictionally, but it is a non-fiction

This is expressed religion free, and to avoid confusions, it is fictionalised, free of any specific, particular, known, unknown, recognised, unrecognised, published philosophy, religious philosophy, doctrine, faith and belief, as a part or an example of my art and style of expression

It is a common sense, confession is a private affair, but it is here fictionally projected; nothing public, God's action is also private and personal, only fictionally worded

Just a word can cause killings, history confirms

Repetition is necessary, repetition is intentional

God is religion-caste-community free, beyond the border, limitation of a particular or specific rule, faith, belief, practice of religion and languages

This work is not intended to promote, follow or canvass any specific religion, religious faith or belief, philosophy or religious philosophy known to you

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