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It's Not Fair(y)

by Debra White

Brianna sighed deeply as she sank into the depths of her easy chair. 9:30pm, and she was only just sitting down for the first time that day. She longed to stretch her legs on the sofa, but her husband and son were already sprawled out and glued to the James Bond movie which was playing on TV.

Brianna, as always, had had a busy day. She'd spent the morning taking her kids from one club to the next, and then after lunch she'd caught up on the laundry and the housework, mowed the lawns, walked the dog twice, cleaned out the guinea pig hutch, cooked dinner and cleaned up afterwards. She'd then taken two of their three children to bed which had included reading bed-time story after bed-time story, a 'chore' which she loved, but yet another thing to do.

Feeling a little peeved, due to the sofa situation and very much pooped, due to her non-stop day, she sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

A few seconds later, or so it seemed, Brianna's husband woke her.
"Great company you are!" he laughed.
"It's half eleven and you've been snoring your head off since your bum hit the chair. We even had to turn the volume up on the telly!"
Brianna slowly uncricked her neck and sleepily followed her husband up the stairs to bed.

The next morning...

Waking up early, Brianna washed, dressed and went downstairs. She packed a picnic lunch for her husband (who was going to be marshalling at a cycle race that morning), then walked the dog, hung a load of laundry on the washing line and made herself a coffee.

She was standing at the window, enjoying the view of the garden, when her daughter flounced into the kitchen, clearly distraught.

"Mum, the Tooth Fairy didn't collect my tooth last night," she sobbed.

Brianna put down her coffee, held her daughter and silently scolded herself for forgetting.


Even us fairies get tired and forgetful, sometimes...

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