Self Improvement Poetry posted June 13, 2019

Through faith, I found my wings

Faith Renewed

by Sophia Delgado

That empty faith had lived inside throughout my search for meaning
I grasped at thinning threads of pride, dejection intervening
I couldn't see the path before me, blackened by my solemn mind
But if I'd known the path laid for me, I'd have left despair behind

Through pain-filled days, obscure as night, I cried to empty skies
I prayed for peace, I begged for hope, I longed to lift the guise
I'd lost my faith, I had no strength to live another day
He took my hand and asked for trust, and yet I pulled away

I'd hear his voice; He'd comfort me with promises of freedom
But I stayed tethered to the ground, unable yet to see them
I cowered with familiar fear, life's fist raised for attack
Until the day I found my strength and promptly struck it back

My faith is more than sentiment; it changed my very being
My eyes, once blinded from the truth, at last returned to seeing
I know where I am going, for I know where I have roamed
I wield my faith to prosper till He one day calls me home

Faith Poetry Contest contest entry



For a long time, the faith I had was empty without a solid foundation or reason to trust. I was angry at God for allowing life to deal so many blows when I had already fallen to the ground. I never thought I would make it through, but I did, stronger than before, and with a refined faith and hope that changed my outlook on everything.

I had an experience one day, sitting outside and praying angrily at God to prove to me that I could be free of the things holding me down. I opened my eyes at the sound of wings, and a large falcon perched on the fence in front of me. It stared at me with its wide, vibrant eyes, and I stared back. I said, out loud,

What is that supposed to mean?

It stared at me for a moment longer, then lifted its gorgeous wings to the heavens and flew above the trees until I had lost sight of it in the sky.

Some would say it was a coincidence; but from that moment on, I lived to find my wings and break the tethers that held me down.

Faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you cannot see.
Hebrews 11:1

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