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Green Umbrella

by Bucketlist

Where there's Rain Forest life there's strife
In habitats hot and humid , dark and light
Where animals roam each loses its home
Many are being disrupted day and night

Trees are cropped without being stopped
Disturb nature's balance despite public cries
Our oxgen is being depleted, still it's repeated
For the wants of ‘Man’ the Rain Forest dies

Rain forest's demise it's unnatural downsize
It used to have four layers of green umbrella
In symbiotic balance ground up, as once found
Now that protection is less than stellar

any approach ok as long as it requires NO warning(s) of any kind.


The Triquatrain created by Robert L. Huntsman. It is a quatrain poem in tri-rhyme with a specific rhyming pattern (see below). Lines 1 and 3 have INTERNAL RHYME and lines 2 and 4 DO NOT.

Rhyme Pattern

Line 1 (a,a) [internal rhyme]
Line 2 b this line rhymes with line 4
Line 3 (zc,c) [internal rhyme]
Line 4 b rhymes with line 2
[other lines follow in same pattern, but may use different words to create the rhymes].
Line 5 (d,d)
Line 6 e
Line 7 (f,f)
Line 8 e

Line 9 (g,g)
Line 10 h
Line 11 (i,i)
Line 12 h

Club entry for the "Triquatrain" event in "Potlatch Poetry".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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