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A Historical Belief Combination Compilation

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

Ode to Those Days of Old

by QC Poet


Ode to Those Days of Old,
When Stories of Our Past were Often Told,
Pictures were Stored in Man's Memory Banks!
The Old Known Drawn on Tablets made of Stones,
Bold Minds Drew from them with Restless Bones!
Their Wise Long Strong Footprints Bared,
Reverently we Fare Our Electronic Remembrance!
To Honor Them to Show a Time One Dared!

Ode to Those Days of Old,
Days Will be New When We Are Bone,
This We've Been Told and Have Undersold!
Still Paying the Owed and Tolling the More,
As We Been Warned - It's Ours to Re-Hone!
May This Help One in Need to Even the Score,
I Pray So Now in a Long Acient Way,
To God's Only Son because I Find It Carries Sway,
To Believe Is the Acient Remembrance of Today,
As Our Tomorrow's Become our Yesterday's!

Ode to Those Days of Old!
For As Much As We Think of Ourselves as a Must, 
All the First One Requires is We Be One to Another Good!
As Powerfully as We Fill Our Own Strength,
All the First One Requires is We Be Rightously Just!
As Much As We Project our time Length in Hate,
All the First One Requires is We Love Mercy!
As Much As We Feel and Show our Pride,
All the First One Requires is We in Humility Stride!

Ode to Those Days of Old!
To Believe in A Power Beyond our Understanding,
Seek Only to Receive the Power of Standing in Belief!
To Be Humble Seek Only to Learn How to Receive Humbling's Relief!
To Be Strong and Filled with Power,
Seek and Long to Understand Faith's Powerful Strength!
To Be Merciful and Forgivingly Good,
Seek Only to Share Goodness and Mercy as We Should!


Ode to Those Days of Old!
By, George Martinez
Irregular Ode
Potlatch Poetry Entry Submission

I Seek Only to Better Believe, Understand, Humbly, with All My Faith Power and Strength,
In Order to Be Good and Merciful.

This Composition is an Intrupertated Heritage and Historical Belief Combination Compilation Only - with No Mal-intent to Offend Others or Their Beliefs.

Composition Notes;
Irregular Ode Potlatch Poetry -
Be metered (Mixed or any or combination of any)
End rhyme but not in a set form - lines may rhyme in succession but not all or in a set pattern
Must have a rhyme within reach line of the body of your poem. Ex- 1line rhyme with line18 if using that many. No set rhyming pattern, every line has a rhyme somewhere.

For Reference Also See;
3 John 11 KJV
1 Peter 3:10-12 KJV
Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14 KJV

Also For Reference;
Hopi and Annanaki information

What Does God Require of Us?

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