General Poetry posted May 25, 2019

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poem about storms

The Storm Within.

by tempeste

When I was young I had so much fun
taking my bike 'n riding amid the storm.
The winds were fierce, yet I had no fears.
The thunder rolled but I was bold.
Looking up to the menacing grey sky
lustily, I would shout my battle cry
'n Thor, with a bolt of lightening, in return would reply.
The rain lashed my face as I hastened my pace
speeding downhill on the busy highway.
Rides full of thrills and  spills
'n once even a near kill.

A crazy frenzy descent that with much content
over and over again I would repeat.

How I miss those wild days
when I loved to challenge the gods above.

Storm writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a oem about a storm.

The "road" I'm talking about is Via Sempione the main highway along the shores of Lake Maggiore. Some odd 20 years later an extended section of the A26 was built to divert the heavy traffic coming from the port of Genova and Switzerland to Milano.

Via Sempione has just one lane per direction and along the lake side it's very narrow and winding..It's mainly flat but just where I lived there is a cool elavation...

Did I ever fall? Yes once when a car passed me and then decided at the last minute to turn into the petrol station which is half way down the slope on the right hand side.

....It was raining and I was going too fast to stop in time ( had only one break working also). avoid hitting him or being hit by the cars behind I could only keep well to the right ....and steering bike and body towards the right, I deliberately crushed down onto the roadside. I did skid but luckily the car had pulled in sufficiently .....

The driver came and helped me ..he straightend my steering wheel which was all crooked ... my right side ribs, arm and leg were bleeding but luckily I had not knocked my head on the road.....the driver wanted to call an ambulance but I said no and slowly I made my way home ,a kilometre away ..

My mamma panicked and want to take me to the doctor but I refused ..

Did I go back racing down anymore ..OF COURSE !
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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