Western Poetry posted May 23, 2019

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Getting real on the frontier

Requiem for a Gunfighter

by Earl Corp

It was about time I feel,
For a western poem that’s real,
These men were tougher by far,
Than any silver screen star,
The shootist with most skill,
 Seems to have been Wild Bill,
But I’ve heard a report,
It was really Luke Short,
Many have sworn,
It was Tom Horn,
Or the atrocious,
Curly Bill Brocius,
Maybe by jingo,
It’s Johnny Ringo.
Hardin made them weep,
He shot a snorer asleep,
There is a chance,
It’s Butch and Sundance,
Their shots weren’t in a hurry,
The gang included Kid Curry,
It’s good Doc was Wyatt’s pal,
‘Cuz he needed help at OK Corral,
Bat Masterson’s real test,
Who’s fastest pen in the west,
What remains to be seen,
How shady was Judge Roy Bean
It would be very insane,
Not to include Calamity Jane,
Nobody alive ever saw,
Buffalo Bill fast draw,
A coward was Billy the Kid,
From Pat Garrett he hid,
This is the end of my tale,
It’s time to hit the trail,
Buckaroos don’t fret,
This is as far as I’ll get.

"Cowboy poem" writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Poem about cowboy heroes. Fact or fiction. Must rhyme. length and method of rhyme up to writer.



Ok, here goes

Wild Bill- I'm referring to James Butler Hickock
Luke Short- A real gunfighter
Tom Horn- Indian Scout Lawman and sniper. Made famouis by Steve McQueen.
Curly Bill Brocious- One of the Cowboys up against Wyatt Earp
Johnny Ringo - See above
Butch and Sundance- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Leaders of the Wild Bunch.
Kid Curry- Member of the Wild Bunch
Doc and Wyatt- Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp
Bat Masterson= Legendary Lawman turned writer
Judge Roy Bean- Law West of the Pecos
Calamity Jane- Female sharpshooter
Buffalo Bill- William F. Cody
Billy the Kid- William Bonney. Scourge of the Lincoln County War
Pat Garrett- Lawman who brought Billy the kid to justice
I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.
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