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A chapter in the book 2019 part 2

Aunt Cora and the Magic Show

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Aunt Cora, now she's ninety-three,
had found an ad for all to see.
The program was a magic show,
so she decided she would go.

She loved to watch the magic guys,
their hand is quicker than the eye.
She learned some tricks when just a girl,
she'd pass them on, her words of pearl.

Taped to the windows of that place,
were pictures showing each man's face.
She thought them young to know their act,
'cause magic's hard to learn, that's fact.

The owner smiled as she walked in,
he seated her like she was kin.
He said, "The show will start real soon."
She told him magic made her swoon.

He seated her up at the front,
then went backstage to plan a stunt.
Aunt Cora watched a man who stood,
he had no props, this should be good.

He went to dancing all around,
he never did once make a sound.
Took off his shirt and gave a throw -
Aunt Cora loved this magic show.

Next came his pants - oh lordy be!
She saw more than she cared to see.
He danced on down to where she sat,
then slunk around just like a cat.

She watched until the women screamed
and held out money, he just beamed.
He danced around so wild and free,
then went and sat upon her knee.

She punished him, gave him a slap.
He then gyrated on her lap.
Her face turned red as it could be.
He handed her a golden key.

He pointed to the lock with flair
'twas fastened to his underwear.
Her hand was stuck, felt like a rock.
He helped her move it to the lock.

He pulled his underwear straight off,
which caused Aunt Cora then to cough.
A piece of cloth and little string
was all 'twas there to hide his ... thing.

She hid her eyes, could take no more.
she was so stricken to the core.
He then bent down and kissed her cheek,
Aunt Cora had to take a peek.

HIs butt was stuck right in her face,
she slapped it hard and he, with grace,
just scooped her up and jumped on stage.
She screamed at him to act his age.

The girls put money all around
as she was twirled up off the ground.
He ran off stage with her in tow,
he kissed her cheek, said, "Time to go!"

He gave a wink and she looked down,
her mouth became a somber frown,
'cause money stuck in every spot
of clothes she wore, her face felt hot.

Then as he pushed her out the door,
she tried to give him her 'what-for'.*
She felt she had to make it right,
so planned returning the next night.

(*what-for means a piece of ones mind, admonishment)


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